Essentials Of The Best Home Tech Setup


We are all creatures of comfort and, nowadays, the most common ways we reach for that comfort is by settling down with some of our favorite home tech toys. Whether it’s streaming a film in one of the many available services, getting some tunes going, or picking up a gamepad, we love our digital media. And you can love it even more by making sure your setup is disaster-free and geared for the best possible experience.


Protect the tech

First and foremost, we need to talk about how well protected you keep your physical tech. If you’ve been into home theater and serious PC workstation setups, then you might have already encountered the danger of power surges. Surge protectors for your equipment is a necessity. Another common physical danger, even now, is the plethora of leads that might connect it all together. If you’re not keeping things tidy with cable ties, then don’t be surprised if a wrong foot placed somewhere sends some expensive equipment tumbling. Temperature’s another serious concern to your equipment. Good open placement not only prevents heat from being unable to properly disperse from the machine but makes it harder for dust to build up within devices as well. That said, use of compressed air to clean fans, should be a regular ritual for any tech owner.

Optimize your enjoyment

It’s not something enough people think about, but the very physical placement of all your media has a big effect on how well you enjoy it. The best audio visual solutions are all about placement. For instance, the distance of the chair and the height of any monitors should be organized so that you’re not forced to crane your head up to look at the screen, as many home theatre setups mistakenly make. Audio matters as well. Ensuring that your surround sound isn’t blocked by furniture and creates a triangle of sound sources from speaker to speaker to monitor, with you in the middle, gives you a much more immersive experience.


Keep it connected

If you really want to access all your tech at once from the convenience of your seat or anywhere in the home, then you should be looking at some of the smart home tech currently on the market. Not only can they offer you full control of your TV, your lights, your music, your games console and more through a single device. Many of them can do it all at the sound of your voice.

Keep interference out

Just as convenient as voice active controls for all your devices are being able to keep those devices hooked up wirelessly. Whether we’re talking about connecting your tablet to your TV to further customize your digital media experience or simply maintaining a strong Wi-Fi connection, interference is your enemy. Make sure your tech setup is in a space that’s wireless signal friendly. Clustering too many devices close together can create interference, for instance, as can having certain materials, like metals and mirrors, in the same room.

We spend enough on our digital tech, we want to make sure that we really get our money’s worth from it. That means fully optimizing the ways we use them as well as ensuring that they’re good to use for a long time yet.

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