Easy Ways To Enhance Your Natural Features


These days, we see a lot of conflicting messages in the media about how women are supposed to look. It is generally emphasized that we need to embrace ourselves just as we are in ordered to be empowered, yet everywhere you look there are adverts for makeup and hair products designed to play on our insecurities. It can be a confusing message, especially for younger women growing up. But there isn’t one rule that states you either need to go completely au natural, or have a face slathered in makeup. By subtly enhancing your natural features, you can give yourself that little extra boost of confidence while still not hiding the real you. Here are just a few of the ways in which you can do so.

Lash extensions

If there’s one thing that makes our faces look feminine and delicate, it is our eyelashes. Lashes have been used by women for centuries to create a dramatic and alluring eye – and as eyes are the windows to the soul (apparently), why wouldn’t you want to enhance them? Of course, mascara is usually the go-to product for this kind of thing, and it has served many of us well for years and years. However, there are just some days where maybe you would rather not wear it, especially if you want to look a little more natural. As great as many mascaras these days can be, you do always run the risk of some of them coming out a little bit clumpy. Having professional lashes attached at a beauty salon is an affordable and easy way to get the luscious eyelashes you’ve always dreamt of, and they last for a long time too! Speak to your beauty therapist about whether you want to focus on length, volume or curl.

Figure enhancement

It’s not just our faces that many of us worry about. Plenty of women world over are self-conscious about their bodies, but find that they simply don’t have the time to spend hours in the gym sculpting away at it. For this reason, consider finding some alternative ways to get the body you already have looking its best. You could, for example, be self-conscious about the size of your breasts, in which case you may want to consider taking advice from somewhere like HowToMakeYourBoobsGrowBigger. Or, if it is your stomach area that you are not so keen on, you could try your hand at shape enhancing underwear, that aims to hold you in like a corset but without all the pain!


You know how sometimes you just meet those certain people who have a ‘glow’ about them? Well, it’s usually something to do with their skin and how well they have looked after it. By taking steps to take care of your skin on a daily basis, such as always removing your makeup and using a moisturizer that contains Vitamin E, you can assure that you feel confident bare-faced as well as under makeup.

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