How To Get Smart, Fast


A lot of the time, we spend our lives focusing on how to get prettier, thinner and richer. We follow countless makeup tutorials even though they never work out exactly how we’d like them to, we use cleansing diets even though they make us feel a bit strange and weak, and we dream of finally storming into our bosses’ offices and demanding the raises that we know that we deserve. But one thing that almost no one focuses enough time on is getting more intelligent, even though the


Get More Informed



One of the best ways to get smarter is to get more informed. Almost all of us has been stuck in the sort of conversation where you just aren’t sure what exactly the people around you are talking about. We all have our weak points, whether that’s art, politics, literature or science – and it’s time to change that. Start by watching the news on a reliable channel every evening along with a debate show so that you get to hear multiple different perspectives. Then it’s time to start reading – and honestly it doesn’t matter what. Whether it’s novels, newspapers or more online articles on good reputable sites like Salon, Bustle and Jezebel, just keep feeding yourself with information.


Go For Brain Food



If you didn’t know before, what you eat can have an effect on the way that you think. Some foods can help with healthy brain function – for instance, essential fatty acids can’t be made by the body so you have to make sure that you take them in through your food, which means eating plenty of oily fish or linseed, pumpkin seeds and walnuts. Blueberries are great at delaying short term memory loss, and evidence has suggested that some of the chemicals found in tomatoes can help stave off Alzheimer’s. You could also try a supplement like Nootrovate or perhaps omega-3 supplements.


Start A Class


If you don’t attend any classes, now is the time to start. No one’s saying that you immediately have to become fluent in French – although it would be nice to have an excuse to vacation in Paris – but learning new skills is a great way to use parts of your brain that might be getting rusty. If you like practical things, try a woodwork class or perhaps sewing. You could also try learning about child development or another subject that could help you with your career. Not only will you get to learn something new but you’ll get to meet new friends who are just as inquiring about and interested in the world as you are.


Let Yourself Be Challenged



Finally, it’s important to let yourself be challenged. Remember that your opinion is not the only valid one – it’s important to listen to other people and to not take it personally if they argue with you. Having constructive conversations will help you be more fluent when it comes to putting your point of view across and they will also help you to challenge yourself and the way that you think about things – and let’s face it, nothing could be smarter than that.

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