Great Gifts for Young Guys


Does the young guy in your life have a special occasion coming up? Not sure what to buy that moody teenager that will get him to crack a smile? Check out these brilliant ideas for gifting young guys:


A Games Console


If you’re looking to blow the budget and get your teenage boy something that’ll really blow his mind, you can’t really go wrong with a brand new games console. The PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the new kid on the block Nintendo Switch are all great choices, which will give him hours of entertainment and ensure you’re his favorite persons for, oh, at least a month!




Jewelry isn’t just for us ladies. Buying real gold chains is a great way of showing your care, and will be a big hit with guys who are into their hip hop style and rap music. Obviously, into all guys are into jewelry, but you should be able to tell if he’ll be into it or not by looking at his current style and preferences.




Surely there isn’t a young guy on the planet who can resist a brand new pair of high-end sneakers. Whether he’s into Nike, Converse or Stan Smiths, buy him the latest release from his favorite brand, and you’ll see his face light up when he unwraps your gift.


Subscription Boxes


Subscription boxes are a big thing right now, and there are so many to choose from that they undoubtedly make great gifts for people of all ages. Good options for young men include Loot Crate (Nerdy stuff), Harry’s (high-quality shaving stuff) and Birchbox (accessories and apparel). The best thing about giving a subscription box is that the gifts will keep on coming for as many months as you like, giving them something to look forward to each month.




If the young man in your life is more interested in action and adventure than computer games and fashion, you’re sure to earn brownie points for buying them an experience voucher. You can buy experience gifts that range from a ride in a hot air balloon to a day paintballing with friends, so you can always find something that will suit their personality and get them excited.


A Smartphone Projector


A smartphone screen might be perfect for texting and browsing your favorite websites, but it isn’t really the best for watching movies and TV shows. So, why not be your teenager’s hero by getting them a smartphone projector? They’ll be able to show off to their friends by projecting full-size movies from their phone on demand. Perfect for outdoor showings, bedtime movies and parties, you’ll be onto a winner with this one.


A Drone


Drones seem to be irresistible to all men, young and old alike. They just love flying those little machines around the neighborhood for some reason. Be sure to buy a drone with its own camera, so that your young man can record his drone exploits for you to see when he gets home.


What are your go-to gifts for teenagers and young men?


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