The Most Important Room In The Home? The Bedroom


If you are at the head of a family, then you need to take the health of the family into account. Are the kids eating well, are we all getting out a bit to exercise. Are we sleeping well? All of these are good questions to ask. All we want is the best for our family and health is the very foundation of that.


Along with eating food and rehydrating, the most important thing to do for health benefits is get rest. A cat-nap, a power sleep or a good night’s sleep. What do these things need? A decent bedroom. Or, at the very least a good mattress. A huge aspect to health is sleep. If you, your partner and your kids are not getting enough sleep, you could be developing one of the unhealthiest habits possible, and then some.


What are the benefits of sleep? Well – it’s relaxing and it helps release stress. There might not be much better than a good night of clean and uninterrupted sleep, or even a cheeky Sunday siesta! Sleeping feels good – but it is not just about how it feels. It is about what sleep actually does. Sleeping is one of the main ways to care for our brains, which is arguably the single most important aspect of our bodies. If we don’t take care of our brain, there isn’t much we can actually take care of… Sleeping is critical for the brain as it allows the brain to take in the information of the day before and reset the body for the next day. If you want to do anything in life, rest is crucial. A lack of sleep actively harms our lives. It affects our ability to process information, to operate, to concentrate and even pay attention. For an adult, that could mean a bad day at work and an angry meeting with the boss. But for you kids? It could curb their ability to learn and develop – which sounds pretty terrifying, and no bones about it – it is. Cycles of sleep work as maintenance for our minds and if you aren’t getting enough sleep, you could be damaging your memories and destroying fragments of your mind. It’s scary, especially when you consider how far the world is moving towards being a 24/7 working planet and more is expected from us at work than ever before – but sound judgment has to rule the day here and if you are not getting enough rest, you need to change that. Lack of sleep doesn’t just affect our brains – it can lead to some seriously nasty health issues as well. A lack of sleep isn’t an aspect of productivity that you should be proud of, it is something you need to correct! In a word, that’s why the bedroom is so important. It’s the vessel that transports us to sleep, sleep which is so crucial to our wellbeing!


How can you improve your sleep? Establish a routine and learn when the right time to shut down is. Don’t go full speed ahead expecting to crash and go to sleep right on time. That will not happen. You also need to employ the bedroom for one use – that’s sleep.


Using the bedroom right is good, but you will also need to equip your bedroom with the right gear. That means a great mattress, a sturdy and supportive bedframe, comfy cushions, an array of linen to keep the bed fresh, a mattress protector and of course, a number of duvets to suit each season from thin blankets in the summer to thick ones used in the winter.


Having a good mattress is of so much importance. It’s the base of our sleep. Lumpy, dirty and older mattresses will keep us up at night as we toss and turn. Depending on your preference for firm or soft mattresses is key as you’ll need the right mattress for you. There are plenty of good mattresses out there and a lot of options, including those made by Sleep Delivered. See more reviews of their products to make the right choice – the mattress is one of the most important parts of the bedroom, so don’t be afraid to spend here for you and your family.


Sleep is crucial, that’s why outfitting the bedroom with comfort is key. A good bedroom means good sleep, and there isn’t much more you can do for your family’s sleeping health than get the best bed for them. Getting them to go sleep? That’s a whole different matter entirely…


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