Delight Your Kids With A Cool, Stylish Game Room


I know what you’re thinking. A gaming room, in my house? That’s just going to be another place where clutter builds, mess reigns and kids leave their toys everywhere. Not necessarily, a gaming room could be exactly what you need if the clutter in your home is driving you insane. And no matter what you use it for, it can still be ultra stylish with a contemporary style that fits beautifully with the rest of your home. Here are some fantastic tips if you want a gaming room that the whole family will adore.


Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind


If you don’t have a spare room in your home and aren’t eager to give one up so kids have somewhere to play, consider an attic conversion. You can have a look at some ideas on Attics are actually perfect for gaming rooms because it’s a space that’s separate from the rest of the home. Attic conversions can be expensive but the final result could be absolutely fantastic. You might find that you can turn it into a space that you want to spend time in as well as your kids. Just make sure that you do provide extra support for the floor. Particularly, if you’re planning on hoisting some heavier gaming equipment up there like arcade systems.


Clever Storage


The biggest problem with a game room is that you want it to stay neat and tidy but there are going to be lots of different bits and pieces. For instance, you might have a mountain of boardgames and you don’t want to see them scattered around the room. Instead, you can think about using a bookcase and storing them as you would your favorite literature. Make sure you get a bookshelf that is wide enough so the games don’t stick out over the edge. Do this and the color bright designs are going to look visually stunning on one side of the room.


Another option is to buy storage units, often used in children’s rooms. You can get material units with their favorite characters on designed to fit into the natural aesthetic of a room. Why not check out for some great examples.  They won’t look out of place and can blend in beautifully with the rest of the furniture.


Fold Up, Fold Away


You should think about buying accessories that are easier to put away and leave a wide open space. Or, that fit in naturally with the rest of the furniture. For instance, you might be looking at a site like to get a foosball table. My favorite fact about this gaming equipment is that you can get one that doubles as a table. So, you can have it in the middle of your gaming room and when it’s not in use, it just looks like part of your stylish decor. How great is that?


Wall Decals



In the past, gaming rooms would have been covered in posters that ruin the wall and look messy. Now, you can get wall decals. These stick to the walls so perfectly, it’s hard to tell where the decal ends and the wall begins. You can get everything from 3D effects that you’re kids are going to love to stylish pieces of art.


I hope you love these ideas and use them in your own, stylish gaming room that really plays well with the rest of your home.


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