Be Prudent with Your Possessions


In life it is easy to allow for reasons, whether they be for reasons of sentimentality or tradition, to stop you from making sensible and prudent decisions regarding the possessions that you own. It is easy to allow for feelings of attachment to overcome necessary coherent thoughts. It is sometimes easy to let your heart override your head; and sometimes this leads to a very negative impact on your life. When it comes to the possessions that you own you should always be open to seeing the bigger picture, and you should always be able to detach yourself from them emotionally if you want to be able to do the right thing by yourself and your family. Below are a few examples of why it is better to think with your head rather than your heart.



If you own a holiday home, such as motorhome or campervan, then it undoubtedly spends long periods of time throughout the year without anybody using It. Because of this, it is undoubtedly prudent to pursue motorhome rental and make any holiday getaway home that you own available for others to rent when you, your family or your friends are not using it. Now, this may be a task that is easier said than done; the thought of other people that you do not know spending time in and using the space that means so much to you may be a daunting one. And that’s only natural: a holiday home is a space where happy family memories are made and it is a space that you use to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life; in fact, it is normal to not want people invading this space. However, is it really wise to allow for your holiday getaway home to stand alone and untended to for all those months whilst you are at your actual home, getting on with your actual life? By allowing for people to use it you are instantly installing the best security and protection known to man: the protection that is humans. For instance, if a thief is trying to enter into your holiday home and there is somebody there whilst they do so then the police can be contacted; if nobody is there, then neither the police nor you will know anything about the situation. In renting out your holiday home you are also allowing yourself to make you some extra money too; extra cash that could then go towards any payments you need to make in regards to playing for the plot of land your holiday home sits on, or any renovations it may need. So, in regards to possessions that are not in your sight daily it is very prudent to think with your head rather than with your heart.


But being prudent with your possessions also extends itself to those that are actually in your home too. You’ve seen the tips to save money at home, but do you know how to actually make money by selling the things right under your nose? Selling jewellery is a prime example of how people can make a fortune by rummaging through their draws and selling what they find; but it’s not always as simple as that. When it comes to jewellery, more often than not sentimental reasons stand in the way of a good profit, but is this prudent? For instance, if you are storing away a piece of jewellery that you never wear just because it reminds you of a long-lost love, keeping it isn’t going to bring them back but keeping it is going to stop you from a potential windfall. If after doing some research you discover that said piece of jewellery is going to make you a fortune if you do decide to sell it then you should never let sentimental reasons stand in your way of doing so; in being ruthless you are allowing yourself a windfall that could change your life for the better. What’s more, in selling things that meant a great deal to you in the past but don’t now mean anything to you, you could change your family’s current circumstances two-fold and your family in the present are undoubtedly your main priority. And any pieces of jewellery that you have decided, prudently, to sell can be sold online, meaning you don’t have to traipse down to your local pawnbroker to do so. However, before you do so, you should check out advice on where best to sell your jewellery online so as to make sure you get the best, and safest deal possible.


So, the moral of this story is: think with your head and not with your heart!


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