Costly Home Upgrades That Are Worth Every Penny


Our homes are notorious for eating up more and more money as the years go by. We think that as soon as we finish paying off our mortgage that our homes aren’t going to need much more investment besides repair costs. Sadly, the cycle of spending and saving never ends, and we always need to invest more money into our homes especially at the current rate that technology is growing.


Although you might want to save money at home, it’s important to distinguish between saving money for no reason and saving money for a purpose. There’s also a major difference between being frugal and being cheap. Frugal people understand the concept of spending money on valuable purchases, but cheap people will always buy the lowest cost option which isn’t always desirable.


To help you get the most value out of your home, here is a couple of costly home upgrades that are worth the expensive initial investment.



A New Water Heater


We often take technology for granted, and a water heater is the perfect example of something that has served us for many years but we rarely ever think about it. It helps to heat our homes when the nights get long and the temperatures drop, and it gives us hot water to clean ourselves whenever we need it. Because they’re so important to our daily lives, it’s important that we get the best quality water heater we can. Not only does it improve efficiency, resulting in cheaper bills over time, it’s also for safety reasons. Cheap water heaters aren’t worth the money because they eat up money in the form of gas bills and they also don’t have all the modern safety measures that a new water heater has, nor are they easy to operate. Getting a water heater replacement is fairly straightforward and although it might be costly, it’s worth every single penny that you pay.



A Fast Internet Connection


With internet speeds constantly increasing over time, it makes sense to invest in a fast internet connection especially if your home is currently making use of smart home technology or you use the internet on a regular basis. Videos will download faster, your photos will be backed up in a flash, and you can share more than just images with your social media friends because you won’t be waiting hours for a video on your phone to upload. Internet setup costs can be quite high and, depending on where you live, you might need to have a fibre line installed to get the latest speeds. Although it can be expensive, it’s a one-off payment that will enable you to future proof your home’s internet speeds.


A New Kitchen


With the ongoing obesity epidemic and raised awareness about the things we eat on a daily basis, it’s becoming more and more crucial for parents to get involved in the kitchen. Although you could technically cook all of your meals on a campfire if you really wanted to, a renovated kitchen could give you some much-needed motivation that will convince you to get involved with cooking. Even if you can’t afford or don’t want to invest in an entire kitchen, some appliances such as a blender or a spiralizer open up many more healthy recipes for you to cook.

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