Moving Into A New Home By Reinventing Your Old One


When things become too tough, it’s tempting to throw your hands up in defeat and move on. The number of cluttered and damaged items in your home has likely increased over the years to the point that you feel exasperated simply by the sight of your old home. It’s easy to view the task of fixing these things as so major and insurmountable that it must be time to give up and simply buy a new house. However, unless the reason for your moving is that you’re eyeing up a better location for a specific job or appealing school, don’t be so quick to make that decision just yet.



There was a certain charm which drew you in when you first saw your current property, and whilst you don’t have to recreate the exact look (especially not if you and your tastes have changed over the years), you should be striving to recreate the spark. You should be aiming to recapture that brand new feel and accentuate the elements of your property which enticed you in the first place. If you’re wondering how to achieve that feeling of moving into a brand new house simply by reinventing your old one, then here are some tips which might help you get started.


Old design blended with new design.

Perhaps part of the problem is that the design of your house has become outdated. Trends change quickly, and it’d be impossible both money-wise and time-wise to completely overhaul your interior design every time a new trend comes in. Perhaps you wouldn’t want an entirely minimalist home full of strange modern art and designs. Maybe what you’re looking for is a combination of both old and new; you want to keep the character of your house in the form of intriguing ornaments or furnishings, but some things such as the old sofa could do with being replaced.


You may also want to remove the tacky, cluttered objects scattered around the house and give the whole place a fresh coat of paint. The answer is to subtly weave in modern pieces of furniture with your current design. Blending isn’t quite as difficult as you may think, as trends are often cyclical. Your brand new TV may blend with the nineties aesthetic of your house more effectively than you’d imagine.

A deep clean.

I’m sure you dust and wipe down surfaces, but a deep clean goes far beyond this. Your home might be looking old and tacky because there are stains embedded in the carpet or the sofa which have simply become part of the household. You need to get some heavy duty cleaning fluid and scrub your carpets and furnishings from top to bottom in order to recapture that ‘new house’ feel.


You could also look into pest control services in your local area to help rid your house of any unwelcome rodents or insects which may be lurking in the darkest corners of rooms; perhaps you or your family have a habit of leaving food out or perhaps there’s a small, burrowed hole in one of the walls. Whatever the case, you need to be doing more than cleaning your kitchen surfaces if you want the house to look more than clean, but brand new.



You’ll be blown away by the power of a paint job. Redoing those weary kitchen cabinets in a fresh new white colour or something creamy won’t only make the kitchen seem newer, but it’ll invite more light into the room and create an airy feel within the room. Repainting the walls and doors of every room in the house with a lighter, fresher colour will really bring your house to the life in the same manner as when you very first saw it.

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