Off The Grid: Tips For Getting Back To A Natural Way Of Life



The world is getting faster every year. People are married to their gadgets like never before, and it seems as though there isn’t a single part of modern life that isn’t based around the internet. It can be enough to make you feel completely and utterly overwhelmed. It’s no surprise then that a lot of people are now turning their backs on the modern tech lifestyle and embracing something a little more lo-fi. This kind of lifestyle hopes to help people reconnect with their roots and get back to a simpler time before we spent our time scrolling through Twitter or gawping at some celebrity’s latest Instagram post. If that sounds appealing to you, here are a few tips for getting off the grid.


Ditch the smartphone


If you really want to get away from it all and embrace a more rural, traditional lifestyle, then you’ve got to ditch the smartphone. There’s no way people are capable of relaxing and switching off when they’re constantly being bombarded with beeps and whistles from their pocket every five seconds. Of course, it’s unrealistic to assume that you wouldn’t need a phone, it’s a valuable tool in case of emergencies. But it’s far easier and cheaper just to have something that you only use when you really need it, and otherwise, you can completely forget about.


Live off the land


People spend huge amounts of their income every month on food shopping, and what for? Overpriced supermarket food that’s pumped filled with lord know’s what. Pretty much every piece of fruit or veg in the supermarket could be grown on an allotment for far cheaper and would be much nicer. The same goes for things like bottled water. There is no reason whatsoever to drink bottled water unless you’re living in the third world! It’s a total con that’s bad for your wallet and the environment. Water from the tap is just fine and, if you have access to something like a private well, you could well be able to drink from that too. Although, it’s a good idea to have some groundwater testing conducted before attempting to drink from any natural body of water. There are plenty of ways to cut out the middleman between you and the food and drink that you need that are not only better for you but are going to save you money and help protect the planet.


Enjoy the little things


There might be a short period where you’re feeling a little at a loss over what to do with yourself when you first turn your back on the aggressive modern world. We are all so used to the constant noise and flashing lights of modern society that we’ve forgotten how to appreciate the little things. The sounds of nature, the feel of the wind on our skin, the peace that comes from getting to have just a moment alone in silence. These are the kinds of things that you only truly appreciate when you aren’t constantly interrupted.


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