Plumbin’ Good Bathroom Ideas


If you want a fabulous bathroom that will impress all your guests, you should ask yourself one question: what would a plumber have in theirs? The professionals will surely know the best fixtures and fittings that can make your bathroom chic and practical. In fact, it could end up looking like it should be snapped for an interior design magazine feature! So, do you think it’s time that you update your bathroom? Here are some ideas of what a plumber would do…



Freestanding Bath


There is nothing more sophisticated than a freestanding bath! These four-legged bathtubs are often seen in stately homes, so there is no wonder why they have become such a statement item for the rich and famous! And plumbers love them too. They aren’t quite as difficult to fit into a bathroom as you might think, and you don’t have to worry about exposed pipes. They are often very neatly hidden down one side of the tub!



Macerator Toilet


When it’s time to get a new toilet installed into your bathroom, I’m sure that any plumbing company worth its salt will always recommend a macerator toilet. These were once only installed in homes that weren’t connected to the main drainage system, but are now being fitted into many houses as they can effectively mash up organic waste and prevent any blockages from occurring. Not only do they dispose of waste efficiently and hygienically, but they are also fairly cheap to install as well. There’s no wonder lots of plumbers have them in their own home!


Plastic Pipes


Once upon a time, people thought that plastic pipes looked fairly cheap and made their bathroom look far from stylish. However, this thinking has completely changed over recent years, and now lots of homeowners are replacing metal pipes with plastic ones. Not only are plastic pipes cheaper, but they are also a lot easier to change if you ever spot a leak. Plus, there is no way that plastic will corrode!



Extractor Fans


If you currently try and get rid of hot steam from your shower by simply leaving the bathroom window open, you are very likely to notice patches of damp and mold on your walls. That’s because the only way to efficiently get rid of all the moisture in the air is to install an extractor fan. Once you have one of these fans in your bathroom, you will find that the humidity in your bathroom drastically reduces even while you are showering.


Underfloor Heating


Plumbers know how to treat themselves, which is why so many add underfloor heating to their bathroom! This can go under a variety of materials, and is an energy efficient way to heat up the whole room, not just the floor! The major benefit, though, is that your feet will feel really toasty once you step out of the bath!


If you want an awesome bathroom, you need to kit it out in the same way that plumbers kit out theirs. So go on, spoil yourself!

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