Relieving the Bordeom Of A Rainy Day


Entertaining the kids on a sunny day is always fairly easy. Get them outside and they can play all they like, and by the time you get them home again, they’ll be tired out. If it’s raining outside, it can be a bit more difficult to stop them from bouncing off the walls. You won’t want to go outside in the rain, but there is plenty of activities that you can do inside, here are some of the best ones.



Board Games



One of the best ways to keep everybody happy, is to get out the board games. It’s a much better and more sociable way to spend time with the family than having the television on, but be careful that the kids don’t end up arguing. If you haven’t got any good board games, thrift shops are a great place to pick some cheap ones up. Alternatively, you can try playing some card games.


Make A Blanket Fort


If you can’t get outside to go camping, you could try setting up inside. Gather all of the blankets in the house and get the whole family to build a fort together. Once you’re done, you can sit inside and play games. If you want something a bit more robust, try places like for a proper inside tent.


Invent A Game


If you’re lost for ideas, and you don’t have any good games to play, then make up your own. This is a really great way to have fun with the family, and in future, you’ll have another game to keep you entertained on rainy days. A few good examples are making up a story by picking a word each, or writing a poem line by line.





Baking is a great activity to do with the kids because they can get involved with all the messy stuff which they love. After you finish, you’ll also have some delicious treats for the whole family to enjoy. Make sure that you are careful in the kitchen and you always keep an eye on the children so they don’t hurt themselves with the oven.


Plan A Holiday


Even though you’re stuck inside, it doesn’t mean you can’t think about what to do once the weather is nice again. Planning a holiday is a great way to help the kids learn a bit of geography, as well as deciding on your next getaway. Have them all choose a place that they want to go, then research it, creating a budget for the whole holiday. Then you can decide, as a family, on your favorite one.


Have Your Own Film Festival


Get everybody to pick their favorites films and settle in for a marathon movie session. Get some popcorn and duvets out on the sofa. This is a great way to kill a big chunk of time and keep everybody quiet if being stuck inside on a rainy day is getting a bit too much for you.


By trying some of these ideas, you can help to relieve some of the boredom of a rainy day.  

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