Happiness Is The Ultimate Goal: Here’s How To Achieve It


More than fame and riches, more than an amazing body or dream home, we’re all searching for happiness. The ultimate goal in life is to be happy. This can seem like an easy state of mind to achieve. However, when we’re bombarded with work responsibilities, illness, ailments and disputes, it becomes a lot harder. If you’re struggling to achieve happiness in any aspect of your life, here’s how to go about it…


Why Do We Need To Be Happy?




When we’re happy we’re the best possible versions of ourselves we can be. We can give more to relationships, create better work, and inspire others. Negative emotions have their place in our lives but they can hold us back. Being fearful, anxious, and angry can be hugely damaging. Being a happy person isn’t about being upbeat all of the time, that’s impossible. Negative emotions, like fear, can actually be quite useful in keeping us safe. However being happy is about making the most of the good times and coping with the not so good times.


How To Be Happy: With Ourselves




We are our own worst critics. If there’s anyone who can make us unhappy, it’s ourselves. We tend to kick ourselves when we’re down and doubt ourselves when things go well. The key thing to remember is that our internal voice is hugely powerful. Telling ourselves that it’s our fault, we’re rubbish, we deserve this, does far more than sow seeds of doubt. Negative talks with ourselves can make us feel worthless and even lead to depression.


You don’t have to accept the things about yourself that make you unhappy. If it’s within your power to do something about it, then do. If you spend time looking in the mirror criticizing your weight or muscle tone, then be proactive. Stop pointing out the negatives and think of a viable solution. Just doing something active to change the things that bother you will help psychologically. If the measures you want to take are more drastic, like implant surgery, nose surgery, or liposuction, consider why these aspects of your body make you unhappy. If the answer is about comparing yourself to others this is a detrimental way of thinking. Change the voice inside your head to start loving you. Give yourself positive affirmations rather than negative ones.


How To Be Happy: With Our Financial Situation




Similarly to being happy with ourselves, being happy with our finances comes down to what we do have control over and what we don’t. If you’re job or income is making you unhappy, seek alternative employment, retrain, or get some work experience. This is a positive step to attaining the future that you want. If you can’t change your circumstances, it’s about learning to be happy with what you have. This doesn’t mean accepting less than you deserve, but it’s about being able to cope with the negative aspects of your life. Coping with your financial situation might involve communicating about it with your partner, a specialist, or a friend. It could also mean creating a new budget to make more money available for the things that matter to you.


How To Be Happy: At Home


Your home is a place to make amazing memories and relax. Fill your home with life and personality to make it a happy space. If you love socializing, hosting parties and having friends over is a good way to bring happiness to your home. Even simple things can make a home happier. Painting the walls a bright color, buying fresh flowers, and investing in some scented candles are all said to improve our mood.


There are some good house rules to implement which ensure negativity is left at the door. Never going to sleep without solving a dispute is one. Having discussions, disagreements, even arguments, is all completely normal. Shutting these out of your home would be unnatural and stifle communication. Instead make sure that all conversations have been put to bed, before bed! Even if you haven’t quite managed to resolve the issue, agree to come back to it with a fresh perspective, then hug, kiss, or say goodnight.


How To Be Happy: Outside Of Work



Being happy is all about being fulfilled. Most of us find that our work lives aren’t fulfilling on their own. That’s why it’s a good idea to indulge in a hobby outside of work. A hobby can be anything that you’re passionate about that makes you feel happy, relaxed, or creative. Pursuing a hobby is a good way to have some much-needed ‘me time’ too. It’s a chance to take stock of different situations and have some quiet and thoughtful contemplation. People who have a hobby are actually said to be happier than those who don’t. No matter how obscure yours is, take the time to indulge in it!


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