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Now, family life isn’t what I’d call ‘hard’ as that makes it seem like it’s difficult or something you don’t enjoy. I’d say it’s more hectic than anything else. Family life is very busy, and there are plenty of things that happen around the home that you might wish could be easier.


Well, that’s where this article comes in. Below, I’ve listed four home hacks you should try out to make life a lot easier for you and your family. Check them out:

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Instant Boiling Water Tap In The Kitchen

When you’re a parent, there are certain things you’re responsible for. One of the main things is making your family their food every day. As you’ll probably remember from your younger years, cooking for yourself can be a chore in itself. There’s a lot of prep work and many things you need to do all at once.


I find that cooking for my family is made more stressful thanks to all the waiting around. Primarily, my main source of angst comes from waiting for water to boil. A lot of dishes require boiling water; pasta, rice, noodles – you name it. Not to mention making cups of tea or coffee every morning. As such, the kettle is on non-stop, and you’re constantly left waiting for it to boil while the clock ticks away and your family get grouchy.


Well, this problem can be solved with a really cool home hack that you might not have heard of before. I recently saw a family member’s new-build home and was amazed when they had an instant boiling water tap in their kitchen. This was a tap that poured out boiling water as soon as you turned it on. As such, you never have to wait around for a kettle to boil ever again. Honestly, it may sound like a tiny thing, but you’ll be surprised at how easier life is with a tap like this. It certainly makes the morning rush and dinner time a lot easier.

Two Sinks In The Bathroom

As a parent, I know the pain that is the morning struggle. Everyone gets up for work and school at the same time, and there’s usually absolute chaos. Specifically, there’s chaos in the bathroom. Some of us need to shower, others just need to wash their face, brush their teeth, and get ready in front of a mirror.


Obviously, when someone is in the shower, we try and work around it. We’ve got something of an unwritten shower schedule, so most of us know when it’s free or not. But, it’s the aftermath that’s the worst. It’s that moment where everyone needs to use the bathroom sink for one thing or another, but having more than one person use the sink at a time is a struggle.


It’s frustrating because you know you can have more people in the bathroom but your sink just doesn’t allow you because it’s not big enough. Well, this is where another home hack comes in, as you can get a double vanity with dual sinks. This means that instead of one person hogging the only sink, you have a free one right next to it too! It can greatly speed up the morning routine, and it tackles the annoyingness of having to wait for everyone to go in and do their thing at the sink one by one.

More Than One Toilet In The House

As I was typing the above point it led me to think of another thing that can frustrate family life in the home; the toilet situation. First things first, I’m a big believer in having the toilet separate from the actual bathroom. Simply because it means people can go to the toilet when others are using the bathroom, and there’s less disruption.


But, if your bathroom does have a toilet in, then things can be problematic in two ways. I’ve already mentioned the issue of needing the toilet when someone’s showering. But, what if someone else is in the toilet when you need to go? Again, it causes a lot of frustration, and can be very horrible too!


But, there is a great solution to this issue. Instead of only having one toilet in your house, why don’t you have two? I know, it might be a costly home improvement, but you’ll find it’s extremely worthwhile. Plus, it doesn’t have to be in your house per say, it could be out in your garage if you wanted. Either way, having two toilets makes family life a whole lot easier.

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Get A Smart Heating System

Central heating is an important part of your home, but it can also be a costly annoyance. Luckily, in summer, you have less need to turn your heating on. However, for the rest of the year, it’s something you’re always keeping your eye on. You don’t want it on too much, or you’ll use up a lot of money and energy.


The most annoying heating problems are when you need it turned on/off, but you’re not next to the switch. For example, you’re rushing to leave the house and forget you turned your heating on and now it’ll be on all day until someone goes home and turns it off. Or, you’re coming home after a family day out and it’s cold, and you want to be greeted with a warm home but have to wait for the heating to warm up when you get home and turn it on.


All of your heating problems are solved with one simple hack; get a smart heating system. A smart system is one that comes with a digital thermostat that you can control via an app. So, if you forget to turn it off, you can do so on your phone when you’re at work. Likewise, if you want to preheat your home ready for your arrival, you can do this too. Life is a lot easier when you’re smart!


Four simple hacks that will make your life so much easier and ensure your home is a little less hectic that it used to be.


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