Home Improvement Help: A Room By Room Guide


Our homes are the center of most of our worlds. They act as an oasis after a busy day, a place to entertain, and a place to make memories with our families. Needless to say, we all like our homes to look good, but sometimes it can be difficult to know to improve them. If you want to give your home a bit of a facelift but don’t know where to begin, here are some room by room suggestions to suit all budgets.


The Hallway



Not technically a room but an important space nonetheless. This is the first glimpse of your home that any visitors will get. It’s also the first thing to greet you when you walk in the door. It makes sense for this space to be inviting and welcoming. Don’t be afraid to add some intrigue to this space. Hallways are usually something of an afterthought. As a result, they can be narrow and dark.


If you’re on a budget use color to brighten up a dull hallway. Paint is cheap to buy and can be completely transformative. Royal blues, burnt oranges, and mustard yellows all work well in a small hallway. Equally, you could use a rug to add some color too. A geometric rug adds some interest and shapes to what can be a narrow and unloved space. If you have a bit more cash to spend consider putting an ottoman or a side table in the hallway. This is a good place to put kid shoes on in the morning, leave shoes, and store bags. Alternatively, put some flowers on top of the table to create a welcoming feel.


The Sitting Room



A sitting room is a multi-purpose space. Some days it might be where the family relaxes, other times it can be a working area, and sometimes it doubles as a place to entertain guests. As a result, it can be difficult to know how to decorate. Too formal or too casual is usually the dilemma. Some simple touches can make a living room work for every purpose.


Layer up your sofa with a thick blanket and lots of cushions. This is a good way to include texture in a room and make it look expensive yet comfortable. If you have some extra money consider getting a stool or an ottoman. These work well as foot rests or an extra seat when you have guests over. Some personal artwork looks great and is inexpensive too. Decorate a canvas as a family and frame it for a sophisticated yet intimate piece of wall art. Play with color in this room too. If you have an empty wall, without any painting, or pictures, consider painting just this one wall. It’s a good way to add interest without adding any unnecessary clutter and furniture.


The Kitchen



The kitchen is considered to be the hub of the home. Whilst we do want it to look good, it has to be a practical space too. It’s where we cook meals and eat together so functionality is key.


If you have the space it’s a nice idea to put the dining room table in the kitchen. That way you can chat and socialize whilst cooking. Instead on conventional chairs use two wooden benches instead. These are easier to store away and look great. Add some pretty accessories to the kitchen, without taking up much-needed space. Some herbs are great substitutes to flowers. They’re practical because you can pick them and add them to sauces and stocks, but they also look great. Similarly, hang a low light over the dining room table. This will create a great atmosphere without getting in the way. If you’re kitchen backs onto the garden you may also want to look into safety window film. This is especially useful if you have kids who love playing outside. The film acts as a protective layer to the glass. Meaning that if it shatters the glass is held together. You can avoid unnecessary injury, and even burglary, by investing in this safety film.  


The Bathroom



Bathroom improvements can be difficult to carry out, especially on a budget. The problem is that to move things around you’d need a plumber and perhaps even an electrician. This can cause prices to go up pretty quickly.


There are some small changes you can make which could improve your bathroom however. Firstly a vanity unit is a great way to store all of your products. It frees up some space in the room and is particularly useful if it has mirrored doors. Add some spa-like elegance to a bathroom with some scented candles. These are a cheap but effective way to create a lovely and relaxing atmosphere.


The Bedroom



If you’re on a budget but want to make your bedroom both practical and sophisticated, you absolutely can. Putting some furniture at the foot of the bed is a good way to create the illusion of an expensive room. It could be an ottoman, a chaise lounge, or even a luggage rack. This little addition is reminiscent of grand homes and fancy hotels. Similarly place some fresh flowers in a vase somewhere in the room. This immediately makes a room feel fresher and more inviting.


In terms of bedding, the more layers the better. Layering up a bed is a great way to make a room look cozier but also more stylish. Blankets, throws, and scatter cushions are all inexpensive. Use these to put your personality into your bedroom.

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