Why Is Going Green Such a Big Deal?


Something that your kids might be telling you thanks to their school lessons is the idea of going green. You might also hear it from your neighbours or see it online all the time. It might even be invading your television with adverts about being environmentally friendly, and you probably do a few of those things without even knowing it. However, what exactly does it mean to go green?



Saving the environment


The biggest draw to going green is the feeling of contributing to something across the world. Going green means that you’re essentially saving the world. By using less electricity, reducing waste and conserving the planet, we live happier, healthier and longer lives. It’s not just about your current generation or the next one either, but it’s the idea that we should try to preserve the planet for future generations to come. It’s a noble goal and you can contribute to that lifestyle with just a few changes to your daily routine.


Going green can save money in the long run


One of the biggest problems with going green is that some methods or changes can be rather costly. For instance, installing solar panels for home can be quite expensive, and it’s generally something that you won’t see a return on for at least a couple of years. Buying a home with solar panels pre-installed can also cost a large sum of money.


However, you also save money in the long run. For instance, getting rid of your car or making fewer trips can help you save on fuel costs and car maintenance, and if you do opt to see your vehicle, you could use greener and healthier options such as cycling to work, walking more often or carpooling with friends. Going green also means using less electricity, such as switching off the lights before bed, turning off your computer instead of leaving it on standby, and turning off the water tap while you brush your teeth.


Going green can be more efficient


If you’ve ever had to throw out loads of plastic bottles and scrunch up newspapers to fit into a recycling bin, then you’ll love what going green can do for you. First, instead of buying loads of water bottles, it’s better to invest in a water filter and buy a reusable bottle instead. In addition, you could consider reading the news on the internet or getting digital versions instead of buying a print one every day. This means less paper wasted, less to recycle or throw away, and having them viewable on your tablet, computer or smartphone at any time is far more convenient.


Going green is healthier


It’s been mentioned briefly already, but one of the most attractive reasons to go green is to become more healthy. Not only do you help to purify the air by reducing your car usage, you also get more regular exercise by choosing to cycle or walk more often. This will help to reduce the risk of you and your family developing health problems, diseases or experiencing a stroke in the future and can even help you shed some weight.

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