Four Clever Hacks To Make Life as a Mom a Little Bit Easier



Ever since social media (Pinterest in particular) has graced our online lives, it can seem like a day doesn’t pass without thinking to ourselves ‘how didn’t I think of that?’ There are so many creative goddesses out there, as well as craft queens, and supermoms out there that are willing to share some of the expertise and skill with us all. And a lot of these things are creative yet simple and can actually help us in our daily life as a mom. So today, I’m just sharing some of my favorite hacks, to make your life as a mama that little bit easier. I’d love to hear what you think and if you’ve ever tried any of them!



  • Shoe Racks Aren’t Just For Shoes: One simple hack that I love is the use of shoe racks. They are super versatile and not just for shoes! Getting the kind of shoe rack that can hang on the back of a door, can be used in many ways. First of all, they could be used in the car, to hang on the back of the front chair. It can have wipes, toys, snacks, and games for the kids. Whatever is useful to have in the car. You could use it for organizing makeup on the back of your kitchen door, or even for organizing cleaning products on the back of the kitchen or pantry door. Anything that the kids shouldn’t be reaching can go right at the top.


  • Ice Cube Trays: As with shoe racks not just being for shoes, ice cube trays are not just for ice cubes. If you like to keep thing organized and easier to grab when you need them (which mom doesn’t?), then ice cube trays are just what you need. You can organize your jewelry and earrings using them, as well as makeup if needed. You can save time and reduce waste in the kitchen with them too. Putting chopped fresh herbs in them with some olive oil or butter means herbs whenever you need them for cooking.


  • Baby Monitor Apps: If you are a new mom, there comes a certain paranoia that you might not hear your baby when they wake, especially when they are in a different room. It could be the case that you need to look into getting hearing aids, but more often than not, getting a baby monitor app can be the way to go. They are connected to your app, and you can choose to get a call or a text when it notices your baby is moving, making noise or awake.


  • Shower Curtain Hooks: If you are after an affordable way to get more organized, then shower curtain hooks are a great way to do just that. You can put them in wardrobes when you need to create more space to hang clothes. So having a tidy room can be much, much, easier for everyone in the family. They can also work under sinks for bathroom or cleaning products. When you can see where everything is, then it makes a difference to the time you spend looking for things!

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