The Sustainable Momma: Going Green for Your Baby!



Going green is great for loads of reasons – but one that isn’t spoken of as much as it should be is the fact that it has loads of benefits for your new baby. Of course, it can be hard to think about the environment when you’re busy with motherhood. Here’s a guide to keeping things green for both you and your child!




When it comes to the environment, there are few things better than breastfeeding! It’s one of the few food solutions out there that has no environmental impact whatsoever. So whichever way you look at it, breastfeeding is the ideal solution for feeding your baby. But, of course, there are an awful lot of products you can buy to assist with breastfeeding if you’re in need, and this is where you have to start thinking green. If you need nipple creams, for example, there are organic ones available. If you do have to use formula, then keep an eye out for fair-trade and organic formulas. If you find these too expensive, then make sure you’re buying formulas that meet the World Health Assembly’s international codes! Keeping things organic beyond milk is also important.



Cleaning products


For both your health and the health of your baby, you should be careful when it comes to the cleaning products you use at home. So many everyday cleaning products are loaded with toxins and other harsh, harmful materials that get into your air and irritate your lungs. Bleach, air fresheners, deodorants, harsh handwashes – these things are can be particularly potent to a baby’s skin and lungs. It’s best to go the organic, natural route with a lot of these products, because they’re loaded with so many chemicals that can disrupt the health of both of you!


Gifts and other items


There are two things you need to consider when it comes to gifts and the environment. The first is the number of gifts – there are so many parents out there who flood their baby with toys that will eventually be thrown away. Consider calming down on the toy front, or making sure they’re given to charity afterwards! There’s also the way the gifts are made to consider. Thankfully, finding an eco friendly gift is easier than ever. A lot of this thinking should apply to other items, such as clothes, cribs, and mattresses. Speaking of which…



The eco friendly nursery


A combination of eco friendly materials and chemical reduction can help you build a nursery that’s friendly to the environment – and, of course, your baby! When picking the furniture, you should ensure that they’re built with sustainable materials. Because so many of them are made from wood, you should check out the companies from whom you’re planning to buy furniture to ensure they get their wood ethically.


When it comes to chemicals, the first thing that might come to mind is paint. After all, painting the nursery before the baby arrives is often something parents think about a lot! It’s good to ensure it’s done as quickly as possible so any chemicals have a chance to disperse before the baby arrives – but it would be even better to use something like VOC-free paint to keep the nursery air as clean as possible!

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