The Cost Of Moving Home


Home is where the heart is. That is true! Our homes are where the best memories in life are created. Nothing can change that. However, we do have a tendency to move to and from house to house. Families and people move homes for many reasons. Some move for financial benefit, others move for more space. Some people will move simply because a property with more potential is currently on the market. Whatever the case – people and families do tend to move from house to house and from property to property for a wide range of different reasons. Chances are, We’ll all be moving at some point.


Moving to a new property doesn’t come cheap. There are a number of costs involved. Of course, you need to think about the mortgage required if you do not have the capital to purchase a new home outright. This means you need to identify a property and make an offer with the assistance of a mortgage provider. Mortgages are funny things – the repayments that you make on the mortgage (which is of course, a loan) will vary from lender to lender as interest rates themselves will change depending on the bank or lender.  Mortgages also need to be paid back – some banks are rather lenient with payment terms and even in the case of a nonpayment they would rather you contact them to negotiate a new set of payment terms than attempt to repossess the house. One thing is for sure though; you always need to meet your payment terms and make sure those monthly repayments are made to the bank.


The mortgage loan, or the cash used to purchase a house will always be the steepest cost, but it won’t be the only money involved. Depending on your moving situation, there could be a bunch of other costs. If you need to move a lot of possessions from your old house to your new home, you’ll need to contact removals services to help you transport your goods. If you’re moving abroad, you’ll need the assistance of an international removals company.  These services won’t be for free, of course, but they are almost always a necessity. Of course, homes with few possessions won’t need them at all.


Then, there are plenty of ‘small text’ costs. Some countries will have a stamp duty; there will be tax, legal fees, estate agent fees and other things. Do your due diligence and check if these are rolled into your mortgage repayments. If they are, then you won’t be caught out – if they aren’t, you might need to provide some funds to cover these extra costs.


There is also the emotional cost of moving home. It is stressful, it is hard work and of course, you will be leaving a place which was special to you and your family. Worry not though, you will have all the time in the world to create new memories in your new home. Well, until you decide to move once more.


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