Overcome Hot Summers Without Using Your Air Conditioner


With summer on its way, it’s time to start focusing on how we can beat the inevitable heat without splashing too much cash on home improvements and expensive electricity bills. Far too many people simply turn on their air conditioner without too much worry in order to cool down their homes, but it doesn’t make much sense to spend so much money on electricity when there are far more affordable options to keep yourself cool.


To help you beat the heat, here are a couple of helpful home hacks and practices that you should be using in order to stay cool and keep your sanity.

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Use your ceiling fan


As opposed to your air conditioner, your ceiling fan is a fantastic tool to help keep your rooms cool. They run slower than most desk fans, meaning they consume a lot less energy and they provide an entire room with cooling, not just a small area. If you don’t have a ceiling fan, consider installing one from a reputable company such as Casablanca Fans. If you do already have one, then ensure it’s pushing air down instead of up. During the hot summer, you want your fan to be pushing air downwards so help cool air circulate around the room. It should be pushing air upwards during the winter configuration. Almost every ceiling fan has controls either on the fan itself or on a remote control panel somewhere in your home.


Don’t leave your doors open


If you open every door in your home, the temperature will slowly equalise across your home and even rooms in the shade will eventually heat up. If there are rooms in the shade in your home, then close these places off so that the air can remain cool. You don’t need to barricade it or something, all you really need to do is close the door. You can then use this room as a cool sanctuary to relax in between chores and daily activities. When the sun sets and the night begins, open the door to this room and allow the cool air inside to spread around your home.

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Change your bedding


Don’t use the same bed covers and blankets throughout the entire year. If you want to remain cool during the night but still comfortable, then get thinner blankets with different textures and insulation. If you stick with the same covers you’ve been using for the cold winter months, then you could be in for some sweaty nights. In short, get some summer duvets to help you stay cool and comfortable at night in bed.


Change your temperature, not the house
Lastly, let’s mention changing your own temperature and not the temperature of your house. It’s common sense that you should worry about keeping your own body cool, but far too many people worry about their house instead of themselves. Stay cool by changing your clothing choices to be thinner, sip an ice cold drink throughout the day, and avoid the sun as much as

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