Simple Things you can do to Make the World a Happier Place

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“Be the change you wish to see in the world,” can feel like an unrealistic task in today’s world. Every time we turn on the telly or read the news we are bombarded with stories of scandal and environmental negligence, another war, and even more famine. We can sometimes feel as though there is nothing we can do, but it’s all about the tiny steps we take to make someone smile or their life a little bit better.


As people who are teaching and leading the next generation into this uncertain world, it is important to show them that they can make a change and that they should care about people and our fragile environment. Here are just some of those ways that you and your family can make a difference.


Buy local


I’ve talked about going green a lot recently, and buying local is just one of the changes you can make to step in this direction. By buying local you will be supporting local business and allowing your community to thrive, reducing your carbon footprint by not purchasing food and items which have come halfway around the world, and purchasing from businesses who have sound ethics. Big businesses, corporations and conglomerates are well-known for avoiding their taxes and exploiting people, animals and the environment. Do your bit now!


Give blood


Giving blood is one of the most powerful ways that you can do to make the world that little bit better. Even though your children will not being able to choose to do this until they are adults, it will be good for them to understand how this act of kindness has the ability to save a life.


Shout about causes you care about


Have you ever heard of the No Birds Bash website? No? Neither had I until someone I know was shouting about them on social media recently. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of good causes out there which don’t get the coverage or following they deserve. If there is a charity, cause or local company that you feel strongly about then be sure to spread your good word about them for all to hear.


Become a volunteer


Volunteering doesn’t have to take up much time, and it’s a great way to show your children that giving up your time for free to help others is a good and rewarding thing to do. There will be loads of volunteering opportunities in your town and community, and you will be able to choose once which sits with your values and family time constraints. You might be able to help plant trees with a local restoration company, or volunteer as a family at the local soup kitchen once a week. The choices are endless, but don’t think you are restricted because of time!


Foster animals


This will be the most popular option if you have a family, but also the most heartbreaking! If you can foster animals in your home, there will guaranteed be a steady stream of tears from every eye whenever an animal finds a new home. But giving these animals the love and attention they deserve when they are between homes is a wonderful thing to do, and prevents them from living in a rescue home, or worst-case-scenario, being put down.

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