Sweet Potato: A Jack Of All Recipes


Sweet potatoes are one of the only genuine all-rounder ingredients in your pantry. For some reason yet to be discovered, they have an uncanny ability to work in practically any dish. They’re equally at home in things like stews as they are in desserts, which makes them pretty unique.


As you might imagine, with their ability to be a part of practically any dish, there are a lot of seemingly unusual and surprising dishes out there which can make use of sweet potatoes. Here is a selection.


Sweet Potato Soup With Marshmallow Topping

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Sweet potato soup has been a staple of healthy kitchens for decades. But thanks to the sweet potato’s unique culinary properties, chefs are able to take risks with the toppings. One idea is to top sweet potato soup with marshmallows and chopped peanuts to give it a bit of texture. You get the bouncy texture of the marshmallow with the salty crunch of the peanut: perfect accompaniments to the sweet of soup itself.


Sweet Potato Quiche


Sweet potato quiche is a recipe that is becoming increasingly popular, especially among people who have gone gluten-free. You can make the pastry out of gluten-free flour and then add sweet potato chopped into uniform slices and layered throughout the cheesy sponge.

Quiche Lorraine Food

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Sweet potato is a lot harder to chop than regular potato, thanks to its increased fiber content, and so you’ll need a decent knife from a company like Kamikoto. Once the quiche is made, it’ll last a couple of days in the fridge and makes an excellent lunch.


Spiralized Sweet Potato Noodles


Do you own a spiralizer? If you do, you’re probably used to making lots of spiralized courgette. But have you ever considered putting sweet potatoes through it too?


It turns out that sweet potato makes good noodles, so long as you don’t cook it for too long. And it works well as a healthy alternative to ramen noodles in stir-fries. Try frying up some cashews, Brussel sprouts and smoky bacon in a pan with canola oil and then adding to spiralized sweet potato noodles when cooked. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the result.


Sweet Potato Biscuits


If you thought that sweet potatoes were only used in entrees, then think again. It turns out that they make an excellent dessert ingredient too – a little bit like carrot. Baking sweet potato brings out the root’s natural sweetness which makes sweet potato biscuits the perfect partners to jam and whipped cream. If you fancy a more savory treat, they’ll also go well stuffed with honey-pecan butter and Virginia ham.


Grilled Sweet Potato Napa Salad


Grilled sweet potato, like other grilled veggies, can really bring a salad alive. Instead of settling for a pile of lettuce, rub some olive oil, salt, and pepper onto sweet potatoes and put them under the grill. Next, make a base for your salad from napa cabbage. Then drizzle with lime vinaigrette, seeds, and parsley on top. Finally, add the sweet potato and mix the whole thing together. Simply divine.


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