Birthday Gifts For Her Birthday Gifts For Her




If you are in need of  some great gift ideas for your sister, daughter, best friend or even your own Mom, don’t worry, help is at hand!

Here are some of the cutest gifts a girl could receive.

Do It Yourself

If you like to get creative, then have a go and making a gift from scratch. Paint a picture to hang up in her house, or make a collage with all the photos you have of each other.

If art isn’t your thing, maybe cooking is. Invite the birthday girl round and cook her a fancy three-course meal! Make her feel like a queen for the day.

Take Her Out

When was the last time you both had a girls night out? …If you’re still thinking about it, then it’s well overdue! So tell her to grab her best dancing shoes, get on her funky dress, and prepare for a great ladies night out, it’s gonna be a late one!

Pamper Her

Why not go out for a spa day? Pools, jacuzzis, massages, and facials… What gets better than that? -People waiting on you hand and foot, while you peacefully relax without a care in the world.

This will be greatly appreciated if she’s a woman that’s always on the go and never takes time out for herself.


Jewelry is always a beautiful gift to give someone, no matter how old they are. Rings tend to be quite intimate, so it depends on what your relationship to the person is. A safe bet is always earrings (if their ears are pierced!) Think about whether you want to get an everyday piece, or something just for special occasions, as this will help decide on the look you’re going for.


If you want to add that extra special touch, then why don’t you customize your gift item with a name, a personal message or even a picture. With sites like, you can have your message printed on anything! A bag, shirt or even a blanket. If you both have a sense of humor, why not get your face printed on her pillowcase? So she literally has to wake up to you every day!


Has she been eyeing up a pair of shoes, but she just can’t afford them? Get them for her! Tie a bow around the box, and cue the scream…

Just make sure you know her size. If you’re not sure, have a peak in her shoe without her knowing the next time she’s round.

Whatever you end up deciding to give her; remember that it really is the thought that counts. Even if you just spend a quiet day at home, watching box sets all day, eating snacks and ice cream, and ordering in the largest pizza you can find – that’s enough! You may not be splashing out your cash, but you’re spending time together with your bestie, and you’re showing her you care… And that is what’s truly important





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