Money Matters: 5 Ways To Reduce Your Weekly Family Upkeep Costs


An important responsibility for keeping your family well-maintained and stable is taking the time to address your financial situation often. Families, especially large families, are always finding unexpected costs crop up due to the equipment demands of school, the costs of running a household and so on.

It can feel overwhelming during your monthly budget, especially if you’re relying on one breadwinner. There are ways to save more money than you think though, and they don’t need to be difficult or complex. Having the forethought to wisely navigate the financial landscape and cut costs can be as easier as following this 10 point list:

Planning Meals

Planning your meal requirements ahead of time might help you make the most of what’s stored in your fridge, freezer, and cupboards. Checking what can be frozen, or what leftovers can be used for lunch the next day will help you stay a frugal, and wholesome cook. Attending farmers markets can help you save money on groceries, and often coming to an understanding with your local butcher might yield you the best deals. It’s always worth the try.

Energy Costs

Investing in low-cost energy solutions such as yellow halogen bulbs, limiting shower time and reducing electrical usage are ways that can reduce the monthly bill you need to foot for your living expenses. Being wise and observing what the biggest spenders are might help you save the pennies, which in turn saves the dollars.

Reusable Items

Can you reupholster a piece of furniture instead of purchasing a new one outright? Can you give your younger siblings hand-me-downs, provided they’re still in great condition? Doing an inventory of the items in your house and assessing if they still have life in them might help you avoid making impulsive purchases that can hurt your life situation.

Shopping Online

Saving money when shopping online is one of the best things you can do, as it’s relatively easy to secure the best deals when you can view them all within 5 minutes. This will also allow you to schedule deliveries that coincide with your free time, and reduce the need to waste time visiting a shopping mall to gain everything you need. You’re also more likely to save money online because you’re less likely to purchase items you don’t need. In chain stores across the nation, you can be sure that psychologists have studied the best ways to lay out their goods that help consumers respond to encouraged purchasing habits. It’s harder to be susceptible to that online, and that could save you money in itself.


Instead of purchasing that Kindle or book collection, why not get a library card? They exist for a good reason, and most of them stock new, desirable books. Libraries stock more than books these days, many of them have DVD’s and CD’s available for your entertainment pleasure. It’s a good way to expose yourself to new recreational material if you’re a little tight for cash this month, or if you need a new book to read your children as they fall asleep.

As with anything, careful, consistent planning will help you make the most of your financial budgeting. Use good sense, but be sure that you’re not going without the essentials. This way savings, instead of costs, might be responsible for an unexpected surprise!

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