Make Family Time Fun for All? Is It Possible?

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Families need to spend time together if they want to stay close and understand each other as they grow. There are many ways to spend time as a family, but it can be difficult to think of activities that everyone will enjoy. Some families will have teenagers and younger children, not to mention the parents. If everyone is to enjoy themselves, you have to pick something that everyone can enjoy in their own way. Sometimes this means picking something that works for everyone, or it can mean making things a bit more flexible, so everyone doesn’t have to do exactly the same thing. How about these ideas?


Have a Pajama Day


Spending time together as a family doesn’t mean keeping everyone busy. In fact, sometimes forced activities together can backfire. If you think that anything too structured could just lead to boredom and fighting, you can take a more relaxed approach. Giving everyone permission to spend the day in their PJs and do what they like is one way to spend time together. Even mom and dad can get into some footie pajamas. There doesn’t necessarily need to be constant conversation or bonding. Everyone can do their own thing in the same room, and you’ll still be spending time together.

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Spend Time in the Kitchen


Cooking and baking are great ways to get everyone doing something together. Kids of all ages can join in, from toddlers to teenagers. Little ones can help to measure things, add them to dishes and stir, while teenagers can have more responsibility and be in charge of their own thing. And once you’ve made something, you all get to eat it together. Try doing something that allows everyone to do their own thing, like pizza or cupcake making. Each person can choose their own pizza toppings or cupcake decorations.


Have a Screen-free Day


A lot of parents worry that their kids spend too much time staring at screens, from computers and TVs to tablets and phones. If you think they need to have a break from that now and then, consider having a screen-free day. It could be something you do once a week or once a month. With no screens to lean on, everyone has to find other things to do. You might break out that board game you haven’t played in a while, listen to some music, or just have a conversation. Anyone who doesn’t want to join in with a family activity can still read a book or do something else they enjoy without screens.

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Get Outside


There’s no need to be stuck inside all the time. There are so many ways you can enjoy yourselves as a family outside. You can just go out into the backyard and let everyone do their own thing. Or you can go on a day out somewhere, perhaps on a walk or bike ride or to visit somewhere fun.


No matter what your family enjoys, you can find ways to spend time together. Whether you stay in or go out, you can make it fun for everyone.

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