Making Mom’s Morning Routine Easier

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The average mom has a lot to contend with early in the morning. She is forced to wake up much earlier than she would like so that she can shower and dress before the kids get up, prepare breakfast and school lunches and get the kids ready for school. If she works, she also has to get herself ready for another day in the office. It’s a lot, trust me I know, but I also know than the average mom can, with a little planning, make her morning routine a little bit easier. Here’s how:


Choose Clothes in Advance


Before the kids go to bed at night, if they are old enough and so inclined to choose their own clothes for the day, let them pick their outfit for the morning and lay it out, so that you don’t have to waste time running around trying to find that red dress that your little girl simply must wear.


As well as picking out the kid’s clothes in advance, you should also try to pick out your own outfit for the day or have them organized on hangers in your closet, so you can simply pick them up and get dressed in a matter of seconds, giving you more time to chill out and enjoy at least some of your morning.


Prepare Lunches the Night Before


As well as dealing with the clothes problem the night before, it can be good to prepare any packed lunches too. They’ll be fine in the fridge overnight, and it’ll be one less thing you have to do in the morning rush.


Work Out a Bathroom Schedule


If your family has too many people and too few bathrooms, it can cause a major headache in the morning, which is why it might be worth drawing up a bathroom schedule, taking into account who has to be where and when obviously, if you have very young children, they can’t always wait, but if you have a rough plan for bathroom use, things will usually go more smoothly.


Buy an Automatic Coffee Maker


If you want to ensure that you get your fix of the good stuff in the morning, invest in an automatic coffee maker, which you can set to have a cup waiting for you every morning and your life will be transformed.


Invest in a Blender


Buying a blender is a great way to ensure that you can always have a healthy breakfast in the morning, no matter how quickly you need to get out of the house. Getting the most out of a blender can be as simple as learning a few simple smoothie recipes, which you can have for breakfast, on the go if necessary, each morning. It’s a great tool for getting more fruits and veggies into the kids too.


Leave a List by the Door


If you have errands to run during the day, or you need to make sure that you talked that important project to work in the morning, instead of trying to remember it unaided, write a list the evening before and place it by the door next to your keys, so that you are reminded to look at it and check you have everything you need before you rush out of the door.


I hope these tips help your morning go more smoothly. Let me know after you’ve tried them out!


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