Become An Ambassador Of Kindness


In the world of today, everybody dreams of a happier place, of kinder relationships, and of more happy endings. There are plenty of changes that you could make to ensure that tomorrow will be a bright and hopeful future for the next generations of people, animals, and vegetals – the planet is huge and is home of all of us; looking after is the best way to offer our children a chance of a better tomorrow. But there is also a simple thing that is missing from most day-to-day interactions, and it is kindness. The world has become unnecessarily harsh and stressful. Where only 30 years, people would invite their neighbors around, most families never talk to their next door neighbors. So maybe it’s time to change things for the better, a little step at a time, and to become an ambassador of kindness. Promoting kindness around you is a way of sharing and creating happiness. Needless to say that you’ll find that the world can indeed be a better and kinder place.

You matter

Let People Know That They Matter

Most people feel unnoticed in their everyday life. They may interact with others, but inside they still feel like they don’t matter like nobody noticed them. If you remember What Women Want with Mel Gibson, do think of the young company secretary, Erin, who feels unnoticed and develops suicidal thoughts. She only wants to know that she matters. There is an Erin in every one of us. So, do take the time to let people know they matter. Whether it is by talking to them or by sending them a thank-you gift when they’ve helped you out – if you are looking out for ideas, Scent & Violet flowers make a wonderful proof of gratitude. All it takes to make someone feel they are important to you is to make eye contact and to listen to what they have to say.


Build A United Community

It is too easy to stay at home without knowing any of your neighbors. In the old days, people used to create a solid community, but now the rapid pace of life has pushed everyone away. Maybe, it’s worth considering making friends with your neighbors again. Maybe you could plan a garden party and invite them to join you. Most people feel shy in their neighborhood because we are not used to interacting anymore. But it’s just a matter of building the habit and creating a sense of community where you live.

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Don’t Be Afraid Of Meeting New People

Finally, meeting new people can be an overwhelming experience. It can be difficult to make new friends, or even to trust someone new. But take inspiration from the story of this homeless man in Edinburgh, Scotland. He met two Swedish tourists in his hometown and helped them with directions. Over the duration of their stay, they became friends and invited him to Sweden for Christmas. It was the beginning of a new friendship. For this man, it meant the world. Being homeless can be harsh at times, and people are not always nice to them. It was the first happy Christmas he has had in 13 years. Don’t you want to change someone’s life like that?


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