Making Your Baby’s First Birthday Party Special (And Stress-Free)



Our baby is so precious as if you didn’t know that already! So when it comes to celebrating the first birthday for your little one, you want to mark such an important milestone, but many people will question whether it’s even worth it, because “they won’t remember it anyway!” But of course, you want to mark it with something! It’s just a bit different, and, granted, every child is different. You might have a very gregarious baby who is very smiley and sociable, springing to life when there are others around. Or you might have a very clingy baby that wants their “Ma-ma” or “Da-da” and hates the idea of other people, but there is a fine balance to getting it just right…

Who Should I Invite?

The main rule is to not go over the top. Some parents go completely OTT that it’s left a hole in their bank account. We all want to mark our kids’ birthdays, but it can be done in a nice and understated way. If you don’t have the room to invite your closest relatives and friends who see the baby the most, then, by all means, rent out a small hall. But it’s best to stick to just the most immediate relatives. Having over 30 people at a baby party will be a bit too much for him or her to bear.

What Time Should It Be?

Well, you know by now, when does he or she go down for a nap during the day at all? If so, then make the party after naptime because all the excitement and stimulation before they go down for a nap means they won’t! And if you are inviting other moms and babies, it might be best to check naptimes, but it’s their responsibility, and they will plan it around the event. It’s best to stick to a small timeframe; maybe an hour or two at max if there are plenty of other babies coming. A two-hour window means that parents can come for a bit and leave if their baby is getting upset. And if one baby gets upset, it can turn into a domino effect, so it’s best to say upfront that you don’t expect people to stay for the full two hours!

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What Gifts Should I Get?

This is really down to you, but if you have friends or relatives asking what gifts they should buy, then you might be better going down the practical route. But at this age, baby books and learning toys are a really good choice to stimulate their little minds. For the relatives, they will have no doubt bought something massive (and very expensive), so it might not be essential for you to go over the top. But the important thing about the whole day is the wonderful memories it will bring for you. There is some wholesale gift wrap ideas for babies with lots of big colors and styles so you can get a great collection of pictures of the baby “opening” the present.” Of course, your baby won’t remember it, but it’d be great to have some wonderful photo opportunities.

What Sort Of Food Should I Do?

You’ll know by now, that any food for babies will most likely end up on the floor, so make it simple and do some finger foods that babies and parents alike will be able to eat. The cake will be the centerpiece of course, and there is a great little photo opportunity where in recent years it has been a tradition to have pictures of babies smashing up their cake. If this sounds right up your street, I’d recommend making a “smash cake” and have the real one that everyone can eat. Put down some protective layers for this!

And Finally…

Birthday parties are stressful for everyone involved in the organizing! So, have plenty of people on hand to help out if the going gets tough. Have many activities for the kids, and keep your eye out for potential hazards, and keep any breakables out of reach! If you’re concerned about cleaning up as you go, it might be a lost cause because the mess you just cleaned may be replaced by a whole new one! If you rent a hall, rent it out for another hour after the party finishing time. You want to commemorate your baby’s first birthday, and you won’t forget it. But bear in mind it can be a stressful day, so plan and prepare, and you’ll have a wonderful day.


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