Deeper Underground: A Kids’ Playroom Beneath Your House?


There comes a time – especially with a growing family – when it can feel like your house isn’t big enough to accommodate everyone. There’s just not enough space anymore; everyone is constantly on top of one another, just inviting arguments as you each try to maintain your personal boundaries.


So, you move house – that seems to be the most obvious solution, right? There’s actually a variety of reasons why the best response to this is “wrong”. For one, you might not want to give up your existing house, nor may you be able to afford the always-extortionate costs of moving. So what can you do?


Well, here’s a solution that is a little unusual – but sometimes, we all need a bit of unusual. If the basic answers aren’t working out, then thinking outside the box can be the answer. So here it is: why not create a basement playroom for your kids?


A What Now?



A basement playroom – and you can do it even if you don’t have an existing basement to convert.


If that sounds like a lot of work, well, there’s no point in lying: it is, and not the kind of work you can DIY either. It’s also not without its risks. You could find this kind of work unearthing all kinds of existing problems with your home. That means you could begin intending to create a playroom but instead find yourself wondering how much does it cost to repair foundation as the initial digging work finds issues. Then again, it could be argued that’s something you would have wanted to know about anyway – so every cloud has a silver lining!


So it’s a lot of work that might become even more work on top of that – so why should you bother?


Space Where There Wasn’t Any Before


This is the golden truth of creating a basement: it can be a huge amount of space where there was nothing before, which you can use for any purpose you want. It’s the ultimate in making use of what you have.


An additional bonus is that you might not need permission from the local authority to do it, either. It’s worth checking, but many people find they don’t – unlike with a traditional household extension.


It doesn’t have to be a kids’ playroom, of course – that’s just a suggestion. Some people have moved entire functional rooms, such as the kitchen or living room, into their custom-created basement, freeing up space on the existing floors.



The playroom appeals because few houses have a dedicated space that’s just for the kids. There’s their bedrooms, of course, but these are rarely big enough to cope with multiple kids at once. A playroom is perfect for that purpose; all the kids together in the basement, while the adults can relax and casually supervise them from above.


So while it’s an outlandish suggestion, if you’re sick of the feeling you’re running out of space, then you might be sitting on top of the answer right now. It’s also worth remembering this kind of work is going to increase your sale price should you ever decide to move – so why not think it over and see if it could work for you?

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