Gifts That Satisfy And Save At The Same Time


If you have a big family and a big circle of friends, then it’s likely that you’re going to just about always have another birthday or special occasion coming around the way. You want to give people the appreciation they deserve but it’s time to stop sacrificing your bank account in order to do it. You can be a lot smarter about how you give people those big day feel-goods and make sure that you’re not bankrupting yourself in the progress.


Keep an eye on those sales

If you’ve spotted something that would make a great gift for someone, don’t wait until their birthday/your anniversary/Christmas is approaching. Keep scanning the best deals and sales sites on the internet for the item. There are very few things that won’t go on sale at some point. When you catch it on sale, buy it and just keep hold of it until their big day comes. It helps to have a little bit of savings kept aside for spotting such deals so you always have some cash at the ready to capitalize on some lowered prices. Otherwise, you’re left at the whims of the market and perhaps the full-price of the present you have in mind when it comes time that you actually need it.


Get hands-on

Nowadays, it’s easier for people to use the internet to spot those deals and get pretty much anything they want for themselves. It can make it difficult to think of a gift that’s really going to have value for them. Most of the time, you’re saving them money and acting as more of a financial middle-man. Put the special back in the special day by doing it yourself. DIY gifts tend to have a lot more personal investment put into them than something you just buy them. It’s a gift that serves as a physical representation of the bond between the giver and the recipient. It might cost you more in time and effort than it would in money, but the value of the gift is all the higher because of it.


Do something

If you don’t have the money to give them something big, then get them something small and focus more on the time you spend with them instead. If it’s with the kids, then a trip to the beach, to an indoor play park, or down the woods could be worth a lot more to them than getting another toy on their big day. Similarly, for your partner, it could be the perfect time to keep the spark alive in the relationship by getting a family member to look after the kids while you have some alone time. Spend a lazy day in, go for a walk in the park, or have a romantic meal with just the two of you.

It’s the thought that counts. We think of the saying as something of a consolation prize but it’s the truth when it comes to gift giving. Put a little more time or effort into making a gift special, instead of a little more money. It’s likely to get you better results.



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