Teaching An Old House New Tricks


Perhaps the agedness of your home is something that you particularly love about it. Plenty of people like living in a place that has a bit of history. But with history comes baggage. If your home is even as young as 25-years old, it might come with a few issues that need sorting out. But, the solutions aren’t all that bad.

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The creaks

The older a home, the more likely it is to make noises that might occasionally worry you. If you’re hearing actual creaks, then chances are that you’re not facing any major problems. Especially in the winter with the heating being turned on, it might be the expanding and contracting ducts settling in their place. But if it’s scratches you’re hearing, it’s likely you have some uninvited furry guests to get rid of. After setting up traps and exterminating the issue, protect the home by finding and sealing air leaks. There are a lot more sounds that your home makes and a few different diagnoses, such as water leaks, AC that needs some care, or your pressure hammer. Look up the specifics of which sounds you hear and where you hear it. There’s a good chance that it’s a reasonable explanation and you can rest assured it’s not a ghost.

The leaks

It can feel like a ghost when you feel a chill draft coming indoors, too. The doors are shut and the windows closed. Spooky, sure, but paranormal? No. It’s more likely you’ve got air leaks. Most commonly, these are caused by windows that have been there a couple of decades or aren’t well fit. Newer options like Renewal by Andersen windows tend to be fully connected at the corners. They’re also more likely to fit current energy efficiency standards, which means they won’t let in any leaks that up your fuel bills thanks to the need for extra heating or AC.

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The looks

The old nature of the home might give it an exterior that you love and some quirks that are right up your alley. But those anachronisms can be as much of a pain. To love the look of your older home, you need to use a mix of adaptation and hiding. Curtains might be able to close off those awkward, misplaced windows, but you should be prepared to show other aspects a little love, like using in-window shades to highlight vintage trims.

The bits that don’t just work

There’s a good chance that the fixtures of the home haven’t seen any love in some time. IN older homes, this might provide a utility issue more than a visual one. Old light switches and lighting fixtures, old faucets and plumbing can be the greatest barriers to truly loving your home. Replacement faucets from providers like Moen tend to look a lot better than old aged fixtures and there are still plenty of vintage styles that can maintain the soul of the home.

An old home can become a new friend no problem with a few investments and the occasional check for problems around it. That way you can fall in love with that vintage space without having to deal with all the old issues plaguing your enjoyment.


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