Breathe New Life Into Your Childrens Playroom

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Our childrens playrooms can become a little battered and bruised over time. With so much time spent playing in this room, it’s completely natural that over time they can look much in need of some good old fashioned TLC. So with that in mind, here are our super simple and cheap tips on breathing new life into your childrens playrooms.




First things first you are going to want to work through, yes, ideally with the kids help, going through all the toys and games that they no longer need. Be careful to know through anything away that younger children will grow into but be a little ruthless about the items that your children will never use again.


Decluttering means not only will your playroom look much more organised and neat and tidy, but it can also mean that you can make a little spare cash in the process. With so many great second hand apps available at the moment, there is nothing to say that you can’t try selling your children’s games and toys and see if you can’t make a little extra cash that you can then use to invest back into recreating this space.




A really important area to invest in, in any children’s playroom is storage. Storage boxes and units will make sure that everything has a home and all the games and toys can all be neatly stored away at the end of the day.


Have a look online at all the fantastic childrens storage facilities, on a site like and think about what the space needs and what would work best for your childrens play space. You could even create a colour coded storage space to help encourage your children to tidy up after themselves at the end of the day. Blue bins for cars and transport toys, red bins for teddies and plush items and yellow bins for arts and craft items, for example, could be a fun way to get your children happily tidying up after themselves and keeping your playroom looking neat and tidy.




Textiles are an essential part of any attractive and cosy playroom. So any tired mats and rugs should be replaced with soft and fun textiles so that the floor is comforting under little feet and offers added safety should there be any tumbles and falls.


Big cushions and bean bags are a great way to make this space really comforting and cosy for children so think about the types of colours, sizes and textures that would best work in this room. Have a look at a company, like that offer a wide range of colours, sizes and fabrics to whip this space up into a fabulous childrens den.


Specific Play Sections


You may also want to try and divide the room up into specific sections to really bring this room to life. Think about creating an art and crafts corner, or perhaps a reading corner where your children can feel encouraged to do more reading, writing and creating.

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