Never Take The Home For Granted!


The family home is a weird thing. It’s almost a family member itself. It doesn’t live or breathe, but it certainly can feel like a living breathing member of the family. It doesn’t take an active role in our family, but it certainly carries a passive role of caring for us all. Like a real thing, it can also encounter plenty of health issues – the plumbing might leak, roof tiles might full off, bricks will erode, and the wood might rot. We don’t take our family and our health and the good times for granted, do we? So why should we ever even consider the possibility of taking our family home for granted?


The thing is, if we live in a family home – we are very fortunate, and we shouldn’t take that position for granted. We may have worked hard for that home; be it big or small, but we are very lucky to be in the situation where home owning is possible and something we can do by saving money up and working hard, many people don’t have that opportunity. We could do well by learning to be a bit more grateful for everything in our lives if we aren’t already. Human life in the 21st century seems to be a constant cycle of complaint without end – it might be the weather, an outdated games console, a lack of cash, or something else – but we should learn to be grateful! Being grateful might be a key to living life better – being grateful for our bodies and mind might mean relaxing a bit more, exercising or eating food that gives us nutrition instead of short term – very short term – comfort. We don’t know how good our life is – and the things in it – until they are gone. They might very well be gone in an instant as well. We need to take advantage of our situation in life by enjoying it, noticing it and living it. This includes our home – the home can have a lot of problems caused by a carefree attitude and negligence. We need to take an active role in our life, and that means being grateful for our home and our time in it, but it also means becoming an active homeowner.


Life is short – that means wasting our time in the home and creating issues for ourselves isn’t an option. If you’re a homeowner, be it joint – or paying towards a mortgage, you have to take an active role in home care. There’s simply no excuse for letting your family home fall apart. We already touched on the fact that the family home was basically a member of the family – you would not let a family member fall into poor health on your watch? Would you? You need to take an active role in the home care and maintenance in order to ensure that the family home that you own and pay for is in good condition at all times. This might mean cleaning it, it might mean basic repairs, or it might mean calling the professionals like in. As long as you are doing something to ensure your home is in good shape, you’re doing your job as a home owner – there’s no other option though.


Problems in the home can vary. Wildly. One house might have a cupboard full of moths. Another home might have structural issues stemming from a foundation issue. There could be a rat problem, or there might be some poison ivy in the garden. The issues that can cause problems in the home will vary depending on the home itself, the materials that make up the home, the family members in it and where in the world the home is – where it’s located in a specific country also has a large effect on the type of issues that a standard home can face. To start off dealing with issues in the home, you need to educate yourself about the issues that your home can face. Do your research, you live in the best time to deal with these issues as the knowledge is at your fingertips, quite literally – you are a couple of taps of a keyboard and a few clicks of a mouse away from mastering any issue; or at the very least knowing a lot more about it. Research is key when looking after the home as it equips you with the knowledge that you need to effectively remedy and deal with all sorts of issues in the family home – but not only that – it lets you know about what to look out for, which is key and a huge part of home maintenance.


The key to solving issues in the home? Being proactive. You absolutely need to search for issues in the home so that you can discover them and resolve them. If this doesn’t appeal to you, you really need to consider having your home inspected. Searching for issues is one of many key stages in home maintenance – frankly, without this key step in the running of the home, you cannot solve home issues. That’s a huge worry for anyone – the biggest issues can sometimes go unnoticed until they become extremely expensive and difficult to resolve. If an issue hides within the home and goes unnoticed – it can be a huge, huge problem – these issues only escalate with time you see.


To be a good home-owner, you need to get around your home – ideally with an idea of what to look for – and notice problems that could potentially become major issues. Take a harsh eye and ensure you are super critical – an arbitrary attitude here will cost you! For example, did you see a beehive on your neighbour’s property? Do you think this could spread to yours? Be proactive and notify them – instead of letting the issue escalate to become a problem that takes over both houses! You need to take a keen eye to your home and the surrounding area. Is there a blocked drain at the front of your property? Call the council up before this becomes something that escalates and affects more than just the front of your home. Water on site can lead to the foundations of a building eroding away and other issues – like a swampy lawn. If it’s your responsibility – deal with it, if it isn’t – try to find a way to help deal with it, or at least alert the correct person to the existence of an issue.

Identifying issues is one part of the fight to run the home. If you simply locate an issue – have you dealt with it? Of course, you have not! You have done a great job in identifying an issue, but you need to deal with that issue to do a full task and complete the issue! If you spot an issue, and leave it – it will not resolve itself. Thankfully, there are always going to be multiple ways to resolve issues in a house. The best time to fix an issue is as soon as you spot it, but this isn’t always possible – you might need the tools and the knowledge needed to resolve the issue. You can only fix this with one thing: research. Solid research will help you solve any issues and will prepare you for dealing with household problems. We’ve made that point once already, but it is worth making it over and over again as it is hugely important to home maintenance. If you don’t want to take your home for granted, become a master on dealing with issues, or at least spotting them and getting help with them!


What type of issues can a home face then? And how do you deal with them? Well – the methods are just as wide and varied as the issues!


One major issue in the home is water problems. Leaky pipes and blocked drains and sewage issues can be a cause of serious frustration, and luckily, you won’t be able to fix most of these – so you have no chance of making them worse. If you spot an issue, see if you can fix it with a remedy – in some cases, you can resolve an issue this way – for others, it’s worth getting someone in to fix the issue as soon as possible. Water issues can be huge problems and lead to rot in wooden structures and mold in others.


Pest infestations are awful and can be terribly difficult to identify. Thankfully there are easily identifiable. Simply find the issue and call in the exterminators to deal with the issue. These problems can make a home awful to live in – so get them resolved for your comfort and for your health.


There are plenty of other issues in the home that we can encounter – so we must not take the home for granted. There are no excuses for letting a home fall apart – not on your watch. Don’t take you family home for granted and always get issues solved!









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