Banish Baby Boredom


 But it can truly be a real thing, especially when those first initial sleepless nights have passed, relatives stop dropping in to meet your bundle of joy, and your partner heads back to work. Then it’s just you and your little one, and while they might keep you busy physically there not really in a position to hold the most sparkling of conversations yet. So, this can be when baby boredom hits. But what can you do to banish it? Read on to find out.


Sleeping is good


The thing is when you have a new baby you go from being up and about all of the time, to being tired and tied to your baby 24/ 7. This can make getting out and about is difficult for a while. As well as getting stuff done in the home almost impossible.


My advice on this? Acceptance. You’ve just had a baby! No one expects you to be zooming around doing the shopping or looking after anyone else. In fact, not fighting too hard against this change can be the best thing to do.


That meant accepting your current limitations and even embracing them by doing things like sleeping when the baby is napping. So then you can feel better when you do have to get up all those times in the night.


Get out and about


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However, being totally shut in for weeks on end isn’t good for you or your baby. You can go a little stir crazy, and it can be harder and harder to get out and about. That means a great boredom breaking activity for new moms is to take a trip out with their little one.


This may entail going for a walk around your neighborhood? Or popping the baby in their car seat and driving somewhere scenic before getting out and walking around?


You can make this even easier on yourself by researching the best travel system strollers. As the serve as both full strollers and detachable car seats, making it super easy to lift Baby out of the car when you want to go on your walk, without disturbing them.


Read and feed


One thing you will find yourself doing a lot of when you have a baby is feeding. Whether this is via the breast or by Bottle.


The problem is that it can take up large swathes of your day when you can’t do a lot but sit there. Of course, this can lead to boredom, not matter how in awe of your wonderful baby you are.


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To combat feeding boredom, or alternatively time where you mind run riot with anxieties because you are not doing enough to distract it, why not read and feed?


This is when you use this time to catch up with a chapter or so of your favorite book. Something that can distract you from the unpleasantness of the sensation of feeding, as well as keep you from getting too bored.






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