Household Jobs We Love To Hate


It’s rare to find someone who enjoys gutting the kitchen once a year to get the big cleaning jobs done. When you’re the head of a busy family, running a house and going to work, it’s easy to put off the jobs that need doing in the kitchen. Sometimes, it’s just easier to turn a blind eye to the messes and keep on keeping on.

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The thing is, too many blind eyes and the grime and dirt build up and the jobs that you’ve been putting off start to become too visible! When we neglect the kitchen, it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the home starts to fall into disrepair. There’s actually nothing worse than a kitchen that hasn’t been kept on top of – there ends up far more to do than ever anticipated! It’s not just the cleaning, either, it’s the pipes under the sink that need adequate bleaching and draining. It’s calling in for sub zero repair on your refrigerator that has finally packed up. Instead of covering your eyes and calling it a day, why not check out our list of chores that most people hate, and start adding these to your ‘to do’ list!

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  1. Toilets. When you live in a busy house with more than one bathroom, cleaning toilets gets pushed to the bottom of the list. If you are living in a house of boys and cleaning toilets has you heaving, it’s time to teach them all how to use the bleach and toilet brush! Even the little ones can get involved by making sure they flush after use so that the bowl can stay rinsed as much as possible.
  2. Laundry. If there was a machine that washed, dried and folded the clothes to be put away, everyone would love laundry. Unfortunately, no one has invented one of these just yet! If you have the funds and not the time, you can have your washing sent out. However, this can get very pricey very quickly!
  3. Cabinets. Look around your kitchen at the cabinets mounted on the walls. When was the last time you stood on the stepladder and gave the tops a clean? If you’ve left it a month, it’s time to break out the Marigolds again and get scrubbing. Dust accumulates on top of those cabinets, which means that while you’re preparing your food and cooking the evening meal, dust balls and specks in the air could easily get into your dinner!
  4. Dishes. Since the invention of the dishwasher, slaving at the sink after a meal has long been put to bed. So, if you haven’t bought yourself a dishwasher for your home and your partner is nowhere to be found, it’s time to get ordering!
  5. Refrigerator. Cleaning out the refrigerator is realistically something that should be done every time you get a grocery shop. The thing is, no one likes being elbow deep in a refrigerator. If you don’t get it done, though, the build-up of food drippings and waste can become uncontrollable. Take a breath and get stuck in.


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