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As kitchens are the busiest and most chaotic rooms in our homes, there’s no wonder they are one of the easiest rooms to look a little tired and uncared for, over time. A complete kitchen overhaul can understandably seem overwhelming and the time for a kitchen renovation has to be right in order to not bring your family life to a complete standstill.


There are however, many simple little tricks that we can adopt in order to breathe a little style and sophistication into our kitchens. With just a few details here and there you can update your kitchen over time, without breaking the bank and without interrupting the natural rhythm of your home life. Here is how to do just that.


Counter Tops

One of the most important surfaces in our homes is unarguably our kitchen surfaces. If your kitchen surface is outdated then it will certainly be pulling down the overall look and feel of your kitchen. If you have been unhappy with your kitchen counter tops for a while why not treat yourself to an upgrade? There are some fantastic materials and deals available for beautiful new custom granite countertop, so why not jump online and see what colours and options would best suit your kitchen.




Effective storage is essential for a sophisticated, neat and chic kitchen. Rolling draws are a superb way to store everything from crockery to spices. Deep and wide rolling drawers are a one of the best ways to keep things tucked away which will minimise the amount of objects you have on your kitchen surfaces. The least cluttered your kitchen surface is, the more spacious and organised your kitchen will look, which will instantly make the space look much more attractive.


If you are a little tight on kitchen space, why not use the walls as a way of freeing up a bit of surface space by creating a little extra storage space. Creating a wall board to hang your kitchen utensils or essential, everyday kitchen items is a really good way to free up space to store other items whilst adding interesting features to your kitchen.


Lick Of Paint


The walls in our kitchen can look very grubby very easily if we don’t look after them well enough so it’s important that we keep on top of the maintenance of our walls, particularly around the stove, oven and fridge area. A lick of paint never hurt any kitchen, so why not try a completely new colour scheme for your kitchen to breathe some new life into your kitchen space.


Kitchen cupboards can also look very grubby very easily, so a lick of paint will also do your cupboards the world of good. Repainting your kitchen cupboards can have them looking as good as new in no time at all. So jump online and get a little inspiration about the kinds of colours schemes that would really accentuate your kitchen space and have it looking really chic and sophisticated.

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