Catering For Your Family’s Needs: The Health Kick Diet


Cooking for you and your family can be stressful. Everyone has different dietary requirements. And, if those aren’t the issue, it’s the fact that each family member likes different things. Trying to develop meals to suit everyone is near enough impossible. Yet, we carry on in our quest. Anything’s better than cooking three different meals each day, right?

To make matters worse, just when you settle on a menu that works, someone decides to change their diet. One of the kids might go veggie, or your man might choose to go on a health kick. Then, you’re back at square one. As much as you might want to throw your kitchen utensils out the drawer, you need to support these decisions. A healthy diet isn’t something to throw scorn on. In fact, it might be the perfect chance to change what your whole family eats. That’s why we’re going to look at how you can cater for a health conscious family member.

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As you’re starting from scratch, take time to find things they like. Buy new foods, like the ones found in this blog post about food related gifts for a health nut. Start by catering to the taste of the family member who’s made the change. At the end of the day, this diet is most important to them. You can convert the rest of the family later.

It might also be worth asking the person in question to find recipes that interest them. You don’t have to make the meals they choose, but this will at least give you some idea of what they’re after. That way, you’re not completely in the dark about where to start.


As this change has come about for health reasons, it’s worth knowing what their primary motivations are. Is weight loss the goal? Or, do they want to build muscle? Each requirement has an extremely varied diet, so the more you know, the better. Bodybuilders, for example, pack calories and eat protein. For obvious reasons, that method isn’t going to work well for weight loss. Making sure you’re both on the same page is the best way to get satisfactory results!


You may want to take this chance to change the way the whole family eats, but that’s not always going to be possible. As the family chef, you’ll feel some level of responsibility to provide for everyone. But, it’s important you don’t feel offended if they person who’s made the change doesn’t eat what you cook sometimes.

If they’re worried about offending you, they may force themselves to eat food which goes against their plan. This will lead to frustration and setbacks. Instead, accept that there may be days when they don’t eat the same as the rest of you. That’s okay. As long as you provide them with the right ingredients, they might be willing to cook for themselves on those days.




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