Common Summer Illnesses All Moms Should Be Prepared For

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There are certain things that your kid is more likely to catch in the winter months, but the summer is hardly a respite period when it comes to common ailments, shall we say. Some things are easier to treat than others, and each kid reacts differently, but that doesn’t change the fact your best defense is being ready and aware. After all, most bacterias love the warm and moist weather that is synonymous with summer.

As such, we have come up with a list of the most common summer illnesses that may affect your kids. If nothing else, hopefully, this will reduce the chances of moms going into panic mode when caught by surprise.


It’s summer. It’s hot. Splashing about in the sea and the ocean and in lakes is just part of the summertime madness. But swallowing the water from this sources puts your kid at a much higher risk of enteroviruses. Unfortunately, the symptoms cover a huge range, from common colds to infection of the heart. One of the most common enteroviruses is hand, foot and mouth disease. This usually passes on its own accord within 10 days. If it doesn’t, though, or fever strikes, then we suggest medical advice is sought.

Head Lice

Yup, another big one in the summer months is head lice and nits, which is because they love warm weather and moist conditions. We know, every mom’s worst nightmare. Unfortunately, the only way you can tell if your child has head lice is by finding live lice or eggs in their hair, which is kind of gross. The experts at have everything you need in terms of natural treatments, and even prevention kits. As for symptoms, it could be as simple as your kid saying their head is itchy or it feels like something is moving in their hair. Gross, but an easy solve most of the time.

Whooping Cough

A lot of moms to be and young kids now have whooping cough jabs for the simple fact this has become so prevalent, especially in the summer months. The other reason for this is it is highly contagious. For a full breakdown then check out, but essentially, it is a bacterial infection of your airways that makes the sufferer constantly cough. It’s not much fun for anyone, but especially babies and young kids who can become really ill from it. The best thing, other than vaccination, is just good hygiene. We’re talking about washing hands thoroughly and frequently. That should do it.


All kids want to love summer. They want to be outdoors, running wild and free and having loads of fun and doing everything kids loves doing. However, asthma can really get in the way and is one of the main health problems to look out for. There are just more pollution and higher pollen levels and that much more mold growth sprouting around the place (thanks a lot, humidity). If you’re concerned about this, then take your kid for an asthma test. Ad for the best prevention and aid on this front, having an inhaler or the right medication will stop any exacerbation.

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