The Most Effective Chinese Herbs Used Today




The Chinese culture has used herbs for medicinal purposes for centuries. The Chinese know that, although we need many nutrients to stay healthy, the natural world can do wonders for healing. They have written logs and literature which lists the specific herbs used, their method of preparations, and dosage for curing different diseases and ailments.


Compared to Westernized medicine, Chinese medicine has its own unique function and methods of diagnosis. There are thousands of medicinal herbs that are used in Chinese medicine, but here I am just going to name a few, which we can easily find at home or order online.




Ginseng might be most well-known for its energy-enhancing and aphrodisiac qualities, but it can also help with a wide variety of common issues, including menopause symptoms, high blood pressure, hepatitis, PMS, erectile dysfunction, and many others. You can buy panax ginseng easily from most pharmacies, Asian supermarkets or online. Ginseng has been used in the East for centuries, and is one of the most popular ingredients within Chinese medicine.


Lotus Seed


Lotus seed is nowhere near as popular as ginseng, but this is an invaluable Chinese herb which is said to improve the function of the spleen and kidneys. It can also help to ease diarrhea and other stomach problems. Lotus seeds can also stimulate the appetite and have a sweet taste that makes them easy to eat.


Licorice Root


Licorice root is a vital ingredient in much Chinese medicine, as it is believed to have potent healing compounds as well as being a great detoxifier. This is useful in treating various common ailments such as asthma, cold, flu, hepatitis, depression, heartburn, and many, many more. Chinese medicine uses licorice root to harmonize all other herbs in a formula, making it very valuable.




This herb has been used for more than 4,000 years and is used as a tonic for improving the immune system, digestion, and the metabolism. Astragalus is also used to help wounds or injuries heal quickly and to prevent infections. This herb can be easily found in the United States and across Europe.



Black and Red Reishi Mushrooms


These mushrooms are highly valued by the Chinese for their ability to help strengthen the immune system. They also heighten the effect of antioxidants that may have been consumed, increase white blood cell vitality, and give the body an overall calming effect. Reishi mushrooms of both colors have been known to help people relax so that they can fall asleep naturally. You can read more about the benefits of mushrooms here.


Dang Gui


Dang Gui, or Angelica Sinensis, is a much respected herb in China because it has the ability to help relax muscles, which is very helpful when treating certain diseases. This herb is also used when couples are having trouble conceiving and it has also been used to treat those with heart-related health problems, such as angina, hypertension, and an irregular heartbeat.


Albizzia Flower and Bark


The flowers and bark of this tree have long been used by Chinese herbalists for those who are feeling emotionally unbalanced or distraught. The flowers and tree bark are thought to be excellent Shen stabilizers and have very powerful calming qualities.










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