Fun Things To Do At Home When It’s Too Hot Outside!

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So it’s hot! Like, really really hot. – It’s actually cooler in your home than it outside. But you’ve got kids, and we all know how bored they get, especially when being told they can’t go out and run around like hyperactive miniature versions of ourselves. But don’t fear – here’s a bunch of ideas that you can do with your children at home, until the unbearable heat wave passes over.


Play make believe

Don’t you remember that magic you had when you were a child? You were able to create a whole entire world purely from your own imagination. – Well do that again, but this time with your kids. Get dressed up and go on an adventure in your home, find the hidden treasure, and don’t let yourself fall into the shark-infested waters!



Get artsy and crafty

Get out all your coloring crayons, pens and paints out, along with an endless supply of paper, and let the kids go crazy, or you can even learn how to make glitter slime! (You may want to put some sort of protection on your table or floor to avoid spills.) If you’re feeling artistic too, why don’t you have a go and come up with some fun storylines to follow your designs?


Make a den

No matter what age you are, who doesn’t like to make a den? And you may even find a cooler alternative to sitting on the sticky leather sofa. Draping sheets, and sticky a fan underneath may work fantastically. Or just finding an air conditioning company that can fit in a good system to supply you will a cool breeze would help… – But that won’t keep the kids entertained will it?

Children share musical instruments during JAM Summer Camp, July 14, 2015, at Aviano Air Base, Italy. The class included different exercises to help broaden children’s attention spans. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Austin Harvill/Released)



Make some instruments

This is where you can make use of all the things sitting in the back of your kitchen cupboards. If you have an empty tube of Pringles (or fancy having a snack) use that and put some rice inside, you only need to fill it by about a quarter, and then shake away. Or if you’re feeling tolerant, grab the pots, pans, and wooden spoons. You may end up with a headache, but earplugs are of course optional, and at least your kids will be having the time of their life.


Arrange a playdate

What child is going to turn down the opportunity to have their friends round for the day? So make a call to the parents and ask if they’d like to come over. You may not have to worry so much about being the entertaining one now either! Just supply them with snacks, and they’ll be happy!



Bring back the board games

What ever happened to those board games like Jenga, Operation, and Buckaroo? Nowadays it’s all about technology, and although that’s not a bad thing, it’s still nice to bring back the good old days; sharing time with your children, playing a game that you once played with your parents is very special.


Now you have a few ideas, nip the boredom right in the bud, and don’t even give your kids the chance to start complaining! – It’s far too hot for that!

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