Music Festivals Are Fun – Until You Fall Ill!


It’s the season for music and spending a full weekend at your favorite festival is definitely something to look forward to. Experiencing the music in this way is perfect for those that love the outdoor life and the chance to see your favorite musicians live. You might be attending with friends, or taking the whole family along with you. It should be a weekend to remember, but if you fall ill, it could soon turn into a nightmare.


Music festivals are attended by thousands of people from all over the country and even abroad. The vast majority are run very well by professional teams of event organizers. However, with everyone in close proximity, there is a chance that illnesses can spread. It’s also more difficult to maintain good hygiene when you’re preparing or eating foods. And with everyone sharing a small number of portable bathroom facilities, you need to be extra careful.


If you are prone to an upset tummy you might be wary about attending music festivals or camping at all. There are many ways you can manage your symptoms and avoid aggravating the problem. Start by looking into an irritable bowel syndrome treatment that might help with those most typical symptoms. Worrying that something might happen is thought to increase your chances of a flare up.


Take extra hand sanitizer gel with you. Use it whenever you need the bathroom and always use it before eating. This will help prevent any spread of germs or bacteria. Drink plenty of bottled water so you can stay hydrated. This is especially important if you are feeling a little uncomfortable in your tummy. Of course, during the summer, hot sunny days can leave you prone to dehydration. Avoid alcohol and caffeine as much as possible to help reduce your risk.

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Music festivals are wonderful events for all the family. Unfortunately, there will always be a minority of people that think it is fun to ‘share’ their choice of ‘party enhancers.’ To avoid being at risk of having your drink spiked, drink from a bottle that has a lid. It’s impossible to know what a tablet contains, so don’t accept anything from anyone. Even seemingly innocent headache tablets should be avoided unless they are your own.


Be wary of all the extra activity you’ll be undertaking. When you’re at a music festival, you can easily walk miles in a day, and be standing for hours at a time. This can put a lot of pressure on your legs, causing aches and pains. Pack a support if you are prone to varicose veins or swelling in your legs. Wear sensible footwear for the terrain too. This can help to avoid sprains that may be difficult to treat on site.


The vast majority of music festivals are fun and incident-free. Taking care of yourself is crucial if you’re not used to spending long periods in that kind of environment. Avoid that embarrassing upset tummy by including extra-rigorous hand hygiene to your mealtimes. And enjoy the music!


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