This Summer’s Guide To A Broken Air Conditioner

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Summer is amazing. What with the high temps, the almost constant sunlight, and the uplift in mood, there isn’t a better time in the entire year. Well, that is until the air conditioning unit breaks and everyone starts sweating like a pig! Unfortunately, this happens to families more often than not, and it isn’t nice. In fact, it is nearly enough to make summer the worst time of year! Obviously, we need solutions or else it means sitting around in a pool of sweat for the next three months. Thankfully, there are literal and metaphorical fixes, and you can find them below.


Fix Or Replace


There are two options to consider out of the gate: do you fix or replace the air conditioning unit? The decision you make depends on the different criteria. For example, repairing it may be cheaper, or it may be more expensive. If it is more costly to fix, buying one is the obvious answer. The trick is to research a variety of HVAC service companies and figure out your next move. Otherwise, the current unit could sit there all summer without blowing out any cold air.


Go Au Naturel


Fixing or replacing it may not be viable solutions, so you need an alternative. The next best option is to stay cool the natural way without using the air con whatsoever. Although it sounds low-tech, it does work if you do it properly. For example, a breeze from the windows and doors will keep fresh air circulating through the house. Or, washing your bedding will help maintain a cool temperature at night. Also, lowering the shades is a great way to stop the sun’s rays from heating up the house. What you shouldn’t do is leave the doors open as the hot air will spread.


Keep The Heat Down


A normal day in the house means using household appliances. The problem with this is that some of them emit hot air and increase the temperature. The oven is the main example. Whether you use the main oven or the gas hobs, there is bound to be extra heat coming from the appliance. As a result, the temperature in the kitchen will increase by a significant amount. And, it will start to radiate across the whole of the house. By using these appliances less frequently, the hot air shouldn’t be as ubiquitous.


Forget About It


Today’s society is one with a quick fix for everything. Sorry to burst your bubble, but cooling down isn’t going to be quick as your body needs to time to regulate. So, working yourself up is only going to draw the process out even longer. Instead, try and forget about the heat for a while. Even if you’re uncomfortable now, this feeling will dissipate sooner rather than later. And, if it doesn’t, you can always try a handful of the tips above. What have you got to lose?


Yes, a broken air conditioner isn’t nice, but it isn’t the end of the world. When you have these tips, it is possible to keep cool regardless.

If you’re looking to keep your kids cool this summer & you either don’t have an Air Con unit or yours is simply broke, check out Gear Hungry’s great portable Air Con unit guide to keep your family cool no matter where you are!

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