Essential Advice For Planning Cost-Effective Home Renovations


If you’re planning to sell your home at some point in the foreseeable future, then you might be chewing over some ideas for home renovations. While not every home renovation is a good investment, or a good use of your disposable cash, the right kind of improvements can add a lot of value to your property when you come to sell. Like many things, your success is going to be largely down to the planning. Here are a few essential pieces of advice for this.

Don’t Underestimate the Cost

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One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when planning out their home renovations is grossly underestimating the cost. Shoot too low, and you’ll only stretch out the time it takes to complete your planned renovations, opening the possibility for all kinds of problems and complications. The kitchen is one area in particular that you don’t want to scrimp on. It takes plumbing, electrical and gas professionals to install all the bare necessities needed for a working kitchen, and these experts certainly don’t work for cheap. If you’re planning to throw in any durable, high-end finishes, the overall costs are going to suddenly shoot up. By all means, try to minimize the price where you can. Just don’t kid yourself into thinking that all the work you want done is going to be easily affordable!

Get Your Priorities Straight

It’s easy enough to distinguish the kind of home improvements that will give you a decent return on investment from those that won’t. However, many homeowners make the mistake of failing to manage their money and prioritize effectively. Sometimes, this means that by the time they’re ready to sell, they’ve spent all their time and money on improvements that offer very little returns. If, for example, you’ve got problems with the HVAC system, and need the services offered on this website, don’t invest a lot of money and effort into improving curb appeal or doing up the garden. If there’s one patch of wall that always gets mold in the winter, don’t blow your budget on an attic extension. While aesthetic and luxurious touches can certainly bump up the value of a home, the real deal-breakers in a home sale need to be put before anything else.

Consider Whether You’re Over-Renovating

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A lot of homeowners approach renovations totally convinced that the only way to get a good return is to spend a small fortune on a lot of high-end finishes and expensive remodeling work. The fact of the matter is that home improvements rarely offer a 1 to 1 return. In many cases, the cheapest and simplest improvements are the ones that allow you to reap the best returns. For instance, fitting your attic with fresh insulation can bring in as much as 115% of the money you spent on the work, while you can expect a return upwards of 90% on the cost of recouping your garage door, or for that matter, any exterior door. Research every improvement you plan, and make sure you’re not going overboard.


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