Top Tips To Unwind With Style This Summer



There has been plenty written about how hot this summer is shaping up to be, and with that important methods for overcoming the heat that can be overwhelming at times. It’s important to consider these strategies, because otherwise you might feel like you’re melting into the chair at your office, or being slowly roasted while driving in your car.


However, it’s also important to understand how to effectively relax and unwind in the summer heat. It’s not easy to do so when you feel that you’re overheating, but it can be done. To do so will give you ample resting time after work or when the children have gone to bed, and that in turn will allow you to fall asleep more easily.


But how should one relax in the summer heat, especially when a heat wave can last until the early hours of the morning with no regard for our health? Never fear, these suggestions are here to help you.




Earthing is a tradition that has gained some traction in recent years, and the benefits of it are debated. However, from a purely logical standpoint, doing so makes sense. The idea is that placing both bare feet firmly on some grass or otherwise unimpeded area will allow you to ‘connect with the earth,’ and as a result wipe most of the stress or built up cortisol levels that could be impeding your positive progress.


No matter how much stock you place in the spiritual emphasis these trends seem to gather; there’s no doubt that connecting with nature and relaxing in your garden space can reduce your stress levels and as a result, help you unwind in the summer heat.


A Nightcap


A tried and true tradition kept up since whiskey was invented, downing a little nightcap before bed can certainly help you settle into your bed and supersede the thoughts of discomfort that keep you otherwise awake for longer than you need to be.


Just make sure in this summer heat you are drinking a whiskey that is light and refreshing, as opposed to dark and robust. Read this kikori review to understand the general gist of what sort of whiskey would work well in this instance. While nightcaps are not to be recommended every night, or even a few nights a week, once in awhile it might help you out of a tough sleeping spot. Be sure only to do this if you are of legal drinking age and are in otherwise good health. Be sure to drink responsibly, always, even in small amounts.


Long Cold Showers


James Bond, the popular British spy character created by Ian Fleming, was depicted as taking a ‘Bond shower’ multiple times to help set him up for the day or help him unwind before bed. How he’d achieve this is by taking a warm shower, and then turning the water temperature to freezing for the last 60 seconds. Suffering this discomfort helped him either become alert in the morning, or shake off any undue stress in the evening. In the summer, it can be a fabulous way to reset your temperature before you head to sleep.


These tips in moderation, coupled with some light exercise and stretching, can give you the ability to unwind you so sorely need this summer.


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