A Mom’s Guide To Bringing Up Your Child


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They say there’s no rulebook to bringing up a child. Okay, that’s true in the sense that every child is an individual person, and some parenting techniques might not work as well with one child as they do with another, but that doesn’t mean there’s no universally good advice whatsoever when it comes to bringing up a kid. If you’re struggling to navigate the never-ending sea of information out there regarding what you should be doing as a “good mother” then this simple guide might give you a few tips and pieces of inspiration when it comes to bringing up a happy and well-rounded child.


Accentuate their strengths.

It’s so hard to know how we should help our children to grow as people and find their path in life, but that’s because it’s not up to us as parents to decide that; you need to let this naturally happen. Watch your child grow and see which things they gravitate towards; accentuate their strengths when you see them develop and help them pursue their passions further. These passions might not even take place in school; they might practice karate moves in front of the TV, so you could enlist them in a class. They might love music, so you could buy an instrument for them. All you can do as a parent is provide your kids with the resources to figure themselves out.

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Healthy living.

It’s hard enough to master the art of healthy living as an adult, so it’s obviously even more of a nightmare when it comes to thinking about how your children should be living their lives. Diet is the most commonly discussed component of healthy living in this regard because it’s one of the few personal health aspects that we can entirely control. Cutting down on sugar should be one of the most important things you consider when it comes to creating a healthy and consistent diet for your kid or kids. There’s sugar in everything, so don’t just assume that avoiding the big chocolate bars is enough; carefully check the ingredients of everything from snacks to cereals when it comes to buying food with nutritional value.


Of course, healthy eating and an active lifestyle are only two components of the equation when it comes to healthy living. You need to think about the knock-on effect of your child’s lifestyle. If they’re full of energy and constantly running around then you need to feed them food which replenishes that energy and set a bedtime which allows them to recover. And if they’re eating a lot of chewy or messy food then you need to think about keeping their teeth healthy; brushing is one half of this but flossing helps to remove awkward pieces of food and avoid gum problems. You could even look into a dentist for toddlers because the thought of going into a big, scary clinic can be overwhelming for little ones; going to a dental practice designed for child of that age might just be the answer.

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Encourage them.

If your child does well then praise that behavior. Too many parents fall into the trap of shouting at their kids for all the things they do wrong but never praising the things they do well. This can be very disheartening for someone who is young and trying to understand the world; it can even lead kids to stop trying to do well because they see no point if their good behavior or their hard work is never noticed.

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