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Kids’ birthday parties. How do you feel about them?


Moms tend to split into one of two categories:


1) Those who are genuinely enthused by the idea of a child’s birthday party, even if it’s not their own. You think they’re fun and exciting and are always up for a laugh.


2) Those who pretty much dread them.


Sssh, whisper it – are we even allowed to say that as Moms? Is it not breaking some special Mom code?


Nope – it’s being realistic. We can love the kids, love seeing them happy, and not want to deny them a moment of that joy… and still think that parties aren’t particularly fun for us. The idea that Moms need to disconnect that part of their brain that reflects their personal feelings is damaging, because it can make Moms who don’t always feel happy and grateful feel left out. So let’s be inclusive and admit that sometimes, an invite to a kid’s birthday party just isn’t something we want to see.


With that in mind, why not try and ease the burden on you and your fellow Moms the next time you’re throwing a party? Of course, you’d put the same effort and devotion into planning the party as you ever would – just with a few additional extras to bring a smile to the Moms faces. If you start the trend, then everyone else might follow suit – so everyone benefits!


1) A Nap Room


There’s nothing worse than taking your toddler to a party, realizing they’re getting tired and cranky, and then realizing there’s not much you can do about it. The next time you’re hosting a party, be the Mom with the answer: a designated nap room. Keep one room in your house dark and stocked with a few noise-dampening principles in action.


2) Keep It Social


Moms like to take pictures of their kids; that’s a given. It’s all the more fun to do when they’re at a party and having a whale of a time, too – so encourage that interest into something really enjoyable. Furnish everyone with the Wifi password when they arrive, so no one needs to worry about data. Then create a custom Facebook group, use birthday Snapchat filters, or just use a single hashtag to unite everyone together and share the snaps that you’ve taken.


One note: ensure every parent is happy for pictures of their children to be published online before doing so. It’s only polite!


3) Games For Moms


If the kids are off having fun and in need of minimal supervision, what do the Moms do? Most of time you’ll just be expected to stand around and talk with one another; perhaps help out with the food or tidying up. Why not make it a party for everyone by giving the Moms a few games as well? Card games and other party games for adults can bring a sense of fun that will make the party pass by in a blur of fun and excitement – for everyone who attends!  

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