Your Rights as an Adult


Adulthood, the time you so longed for when you were a child — the time you wish you could now trade in to get those years of youth back. Everybody is stricken with adulthood, no matter how much they like it, or not. But being a fully-fledged adult isn’t all doom and gloom. It doesn’t just mean you need be thrust into the world with no support. As an adult, as silly as it may sound, you have rights. Read on to find out a few of them.


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First of all, you have the right to the best possible standard of life that can be afforded to you. Yes, everybody lives by different means and has a different perspective as to what the ‘best’ standard of life is. But, no matter what your perspective is, you deserve to be provided with the best standard of life possible for you. This means that you should never be hungry and you should never have to live in squalor. In regards to the former, you have a right to be provided with food and water, no matter what your financial status is. Food banks are set up all across the globe to help ensure that nobody goes hungry, and you will always have a right to visit one if you really have to. In regards to the fact that you should never have to live in squalor or dirty surroundings, your local council should keep on top of the removal of trash and garbage from your home and area regularly. If this is not the case, then you have every right to complain about the service you receive.



One of the biggest plights of adulthood that we are stricken with is that we need to go out and make our money through work. For a lot of people this means working for or under somebody else. However, just because you may work under somebody — no matter how nice they are — they still owe you in regards to employee rights that you have. And of the biggest rights they owe is health insurance. If you hold a job, especially if you have held it for some times, then you will be owed group health insurance and coverage. This is a type of insurance is one that your employer pays into in order to assist and cover you and your family when it comes to health costs. If you are not provided with such a luxury then make sure to give your boss some group health insurance quotes. You are owed it, so don’t stand for not being provided with it!



Being a fully-fledged, working adult is a buys business. However, no matter how busy you are, you always have the right to indulge in some ‘me’ time. There is never a point to working, working, working without having some downtime to compensate for it. Well, what’s the point in earning your money if you aren’t able to spend it from time to time?


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