Helpful Tips To Make Moving Home Easier For Your Children

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Moving home is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. Despite the excitement that comes with the big move, there is also stress, anxiety, and feelings of sadness. For your child, those feelings may be amplified. You have probably made the decision to move, and your kids may have had no say in what is going on. They are going to face upheaval as much as you, and in some ways, it will be a more difficult experience for them.

So, don’t take your children for granted. Make the move easier on them by following some of the advice in this guide.

Announce the move early

Don’t wait until a few weeks before to announce the move. Kids need plenty of time to adjust to changes in their life, so they let them know early to help them get a handle on their emotions. There may be anger and frustration, which you can understand if you put yourself in their shoes. Consider what they are leaving behind, including their school and friendships. No matter how emotional your feeling, allow them to vent their own, and be there to reassure them.

Explain the move

Your kids will have questions for you, so take the time to answer them. Explain why you have decided to move home, and what the benefits are. Let them know where you are moving to, and if possible visit the new house with them to help them mentally adjust. This will be a new

family home, so allow your children to take ownership by thinking about ways their new room can be decorated.

Show your children around the area they will be moving to, and highlight anything that may make the transition a more attractive prospect, such as a local park or leisure center.

As your child may have to start a new school, have a look at the school’s website, paying special attention to any extracurricular activities your kids may be interested in and arrange a visit so they can meet their new teacher in advance.

Moving home can be a scary experience, but the more you can do to highlight the positive will make a huge difference for your kids.

Saying goodbye

While you will be choosing the right furniture movers, your kids can still have a say in what boxes they put their possessions in. Don’t be tempted to throw any of their games or toys away to make more space as you will compound their sense of loss. Instead, encourage your children to give some toys to charity, but be mindful of their feelings.

Allow time for your kids to say farewell to their friends, and reassure them that they can still keep in touch, so saying goodbye doesn’t have to be forever.


You will all be going through a rollercoaster of emotions, so don’t worry about sadness and grief as those feelings are natural. However, try and focus on the positive aspects of the move, as that will help you all in the days ahead.



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