Getting Your Family Around Without A Car


It can be frustrating as a mom when the car stops working. After all, we get so reliant on using it every single day to get our family around. Therefore, if it’s off the road, it can feel like a nightmare. However, the car doesn’t have to be the only option of getting the kids around. In fact, there are a lot cheaper and eco-friendly options you should consider. Therefore, here are some ways to get your family around without a car.


Time to go walking


It’s easy to use the car for small journeys. But in some cases, you could actually be walking rather than wasting fuel. And if your vehicle is off the road, this is an option you should consider taking. After all, you would be surprised how quickly you can get on the move by just using your legs. You could soon be at the local shop or school before you know it. And it’s a lot healthier option than going in the car. After all, it might be your only chance to get some exercise into your day. Just make sure you hold their hand so that they don’t get too close to the road when you are walking. That way, they can stay safe while you are on the move. And you might want to look into toddler safety reins for little ones!



Get on your bike


Another way you can get your family around while your car is off road is to use bikes. After all, it’s a fun way to get your kids from A to B. You can also do a significant distance without having to stop and rest. Of course, you will need to make sure your children have good bikes and a strong, sturdy helmet which will protect them. After all, you don’t want them to have an injury after using the bike. If you have little ones, you ought to look into some form of a trailer which can attach to your bike. That way, you can get them from A to B easily. And little kids love this system as they feel like they are on a ride! You can find out more about bike trailers and whether they are right for your family by looking online. Check the weight before you buy one as you want one which will fit two youngsters!


Time to get on the bus


Public transport can be a struggle for a family. After all, it can be difficult to get everybody on the bus safely. And it can be hard if the bus is already busy. But the bus is often the quickest way to get around if you don’t have a running vehicle. It doesn’t have to be too stressful if you plan in advance. Get to the bus stop early, so you have plenty of time to get onto the bus. Also, have the amount for the ride in your hand so you can just quickly hand it over to the bus driver. If you have little ones, skip the pushchair and go for a baby carrier instead. That way, you won’t cause too much ruckus on the bus journey!


And don’t forget you could always ask one of the mommies if they could give your kids a lift. That way, it will tide you over until the kids


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