A Trio Of Futuristic Products You Can Own Today


For most kids, growing up, their idea of the future was fantastical. Everyone, of course, would drive flying cars – that was considered to be pretty standard for any concept of the future. We’d all have robotic housemaids who could do all the chores we hated, and everyone would have more free time. That was very much the vision that we were raised on.


It’s not quite panned out like that. For one thing, flying cars are a fundamentally bad idea. Car crashes now are bad enough; imagine the horror of introducing the potential velocity of a crash from height into that. As for the robot household staff; well… we can but hope that one will eventually become a reality!


While the future might not have panned out quite like we imagined as kids, you can still improve your home and life with the technology of the moment. It’s still plenty impressive – potentially more impressive than we ever dared dream of as kids – and could make a huge difference to how you live your life.


Fridges That Tell You When You’re Low On Food



Smart devices have thus far been the buzz term of the decade. No longer are we to just use devices; we’re now able to interact with them and have them do our bidding. Perhaps the simplest use of this is with smart fridges. No longer do we have to deal with that feeling in the middle of the grocery store, where we’re convinced we’ve forgotten something but we can’t quite put our finger on what it is. With smart fridges, all you need to do is tap into the app and it’ll give you a rundown of what you have and – more importantly – what you don’t.


The Streamlined Home


From tankless water heaters such as https://www.yourbestpicks.com/best-tankless-water-heaters-reviews/ to smart meters that can tell you how much electricity you’ve used down to the last cent, the guesswork of running your home utilities is largely eliminated these days. Once upon a time, a family could get through winter, receive their heating bill, and be horrified at how much they had spent. No such scenarios exist today; there’s no excuse for not knowing – thanks to online tracking, smart meters, and clever tech that only turns on when you need it – exactly how much you’re spending.


Track Your Kids At All Times



Many a time over history, parents have found themselves losing their mind with worry over the location of their kids. Waiting by the phone, walking the streets calling their name – parenting before the digital age was a horrifying experience, without a doubt. Nowadays, there’s no such concerns thanks to the smartphones we can equip our kids with. Thanks to apps such as those featured on http://fieldguide.gizmodo.com/6-apps-to-track-friends-and-family-on-a-map-1751084283, we have the luxury of being able to pinpoint exactly where our kids are at all time. Not only is this useful for reassurance, but it helps us to know they are where they’re meant to be at all times too!

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